Hi to All,

Bauer has a modification available for the MacKenzie Super Light reel. It changes the clutch from a 2 roller to a 4 roller. If you own one of these reels you might want to check it out.

MSL Four Roller Clutch Conversion
This converts the two roller clutch reel to a four roller clutch as used in
the MSL series. It increases the drag range with more pressure at the
high end and doubles the operational function of the clutch. The reel is
less sensitive to environmental conditions, shock load and maintenance.
Conversion includes new spindle, complete drag disc, clutch, spool
polymer, bearings and complete update service to current MSL spec.
We offer this conversion upgrade at our net parts cost of $35 per reel
and $5 per extra spool including ground return shipping to the lower 48
states. This is a recommended upgrade for early model 6 wt. and larger
reels. The service shop time is one to three days.