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mrdamminator 06-12-2007 02:22 PM

Loon Lochsa Reel
Anyone have experience with the loon lochsa reel? I like the lifetime warranty and need a new reel to accompany a 5 weight rod. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Fish Bones 06-12-2007 05:28 PM

Re: Loon Lochsa Reel
Rumor has it that Loon is discontinuing those reels so they can concentrate on what they do best.

mrdamminator 06-12-2007 08:10 PM

Re: Loon Lochsa Reel
Well i found a nice price tag on the reel (especially with a lifetime warranty) and was wondering if you had an opinion on the quality of this reel? I was also considering the ross cimmaron 2 or the ever-popular orvis battenkill. thanks.

Fish Bones 06-12-2007 08:21 PM

Re: Loon Lochsa Reel
The Lochsa Reels are very nice and of good quality. I like them alot. They're very nice looking also. If you're getting a good deal, and realy want the reel, then get it. You will not be going wrong. At this point however, I am not sure of the value of the lifetime warranty... if they discontinue the reel then they won't be able to replace yours if it breaks.

tie one on 06-12-2007 09:46 PM

Re: Loon Lochsa Reel
I might suggest looking at Ross. Most of their reels,
except the cheaper ones come with lifetime warranties.

I own several of them & have never been sorry I paid
the little extra for a good reel. They have never failed me
under any circumstances.

I know there are plenty of other ones like Ross on the
market. It's like most other discussions we've had on this
forum, it's a personal choice.

Stop in at a fly shop & try several, then pick the best
for the money you want to spend.

Tie One On

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