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I just need to know which one I should look to buy if I reel the reel with my left hand... Is that a left handed reel or a right??

Well that is posing to be a difficult question now isn't it Rayvyn...wow, I was reading down waiting to hear someone speak up and say you have be using your reel left handed...meaning it would be left handed reel...but unfortunately, I am not a pro at this and sometimes even with the pros this gets overlooked...but in all honesty, logically, I would expect that whatever hand you are cranking with is making that reel... I suppose whichever end you have it up on the rod would make a difference also...but I have never heard anyone say they are right handed and need a left handed reel...So...right handed crank - right handed reel...

However, controversy is imminent for you I am afraid...so whatever store you go to...maybe you will have to swallow your fish-pride and mention it to the salesman/woman... sorry.