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    Hey everybody, I need a new reel for my TFO five weight, and I was looking at the Pflueger Medalist. Does anyone have any experience with these? They seem pretty good for the money. Or could you direct me to a different reel? I'd like to keep it at or below 80 bucks. Thanks

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    Fantastic rugged reel that will last you years and years. Not the prettiest, but then again either am I and the fish don't seem to give a hoot!

    Pick one up. I don't think you will be disappointed, especially at that price point.
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    Hi zstone07,

    I would bet more people have bought a Medalist as a first reel than any other reel in history. I still have one I bought in 1954 and it us still in good shape. It is missing a couple of screws but that is my fault for not taking better care of it. I used mine for Steelhead in California. I have not fished it for many years. It is a basic fly reel that gets the job done. Back in the fifty's it was one of the few good reels available. I don't know about the quality of the new ones.

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    Nothing wrong with that reel, I have one also. But, if you haven't already purchased one I would reccomend looking at the low end Ross reels. I have had several Ross reels for both salt and fresh water and really like them.

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