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Thread: cork drags

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    Default cork drags

    I have a couple of reels with cork drags, what should i use to keep the drags lubed, I think they said to use some kind of cork grease or oil. Any suggestions.

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    Default Re: cork drags

    Just smear a few drops of neatsfoot oil on the drag plate.

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    Default Re: cork drags

    Also remember to back the drag tension all the way off after each use.

    I'd have a hard time remembering those necessities, so I own no cork drags.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Like MP said, rub a couple droplets of Neatsfoot Oil into the cork once a year. Yes, store all reels with the drag setting at minimum but when rinsing a cork drag reel after use in the salt and/or muck, keep the drag setting stiff to NOT rinse the oil out of the cork. Even with the rapidly growing popularity of modern material "sealed" drags (some of which like Tibor and Nauatilus STILL use cork as one of the surfaces) the actual drag performance of draw-bar, cork-surfaced reels has yet to be eclipsed. If reel maintanance is part of your instinctive lexicon there is no reason to shy away from cork drag surfaces.

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    I thank you all for your suggestions. I agree i love reels with cork drags. I couldn't find the oil that came with the reels for the drags. I'll get some neatsfoot oil.

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