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Thread: Which Reel?

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    Oops... Whe I originally read the post I thought you asked about lines.....

    I'd go with a 10wt reel. If you would find yourself in a pinch in needing for say, an 8 wt line you could put it on the 10 wt reel and just have a little extra room. Butyou'd never fit a 10 wt line on an 8 wt reel and have the necessary amount of backing you'd need for bigger fish.
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    I ended up getting the Lamson Lite Speed 10/11 wt reel. I really wanted to get the Nautilus NV but geeez $650.00 to 700.00. Not in this economy. maybe when I win the lottery,lol. I hope the Lamson holds up,guess we'll see. Thanks so much for the great advice.

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    I fish a Scott S4s 9'/#8 and like it a lot. Meticulously crafted and finished, it tracks like an arrow and from 20 to 65 foot casts can not be bettered. It is not the lightest rod on the market and it is tiring to fish a rod with a reel that is too light. Personally I fish a Hatch on this Scott and it is a perfect match in weight and aestetics. An oddball sugestion might be the new Ross F1 #5. It would be a good match too in a sealed strong drag model. It is a bit wide for my taste though not as bad as some others and it would handel Great Lakes salmon with aplumb. Burk has a good recomendation in the new Hardy Fortuna; you could pull a 'nook backwards with that thing. These strong drag reels are costly but important components of big, strong Great Lakes salmonid outfits and you might as well rig this rod so it would double for the salt for which it was designed.

    Opps! I am a slow writer and missed your final post. When you blow up your new reel the NV will look like a better deal. Just kidding - good fishing!

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    lol, I sure hope it doesn't "blow-up",lol. I've read quite a bit about the Lamson reels and everything I've read and heard is it's the best reel around and actually is better than cork drag systems. We'll see. I'll give reports back from the water. Thanks!

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