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    Default Lamson Guru vs Velocity

    Was looking for feedback / personal experience with either of these reels. I was looking at 1.5 size in both models for a 4 wt rod. thanks

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    Default Re: Lamson Guru vs Velocity

    I have both in 1.5 for 4wts and quite honestly the only difference is the finish. The velocity has the hard alox finish. If you want a reel you can not worry about dinging and scratching go Velocity.

    I actually prefer the Guru, no scientific reason why, I just like it and for the price it is awesome.
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    Default Re: Lamson Guru vs Velocity

    I had a Velocity 3.5 with the Hard Alox finish a few years back. Like the poster before me I see no great difference between the two reels. The reel seemed fine to me but for the money I might look to the lower cost model,


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    Default Re: Lamson Guru vs Velocity

    I have both and I am happy with each, love the drag system. I think it is the exact same drag on both models.

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    Default Re: Lamson Guru vs Velocity

    Both drags are the same. The drags do not change until you get to the Litespeed 4, which has a larger drag system. There is also a Lamson Velocity Nickel that lacks the hard alox finish but is ported like the more expensive litespeed. The hard alox finish is quite nice on the Velocity. The Litespeed model has the hard alox finish with porting on the spool. I am very happy with the drag system. You just need to decide if you want the:

    Guru: machined, no hard alox finish, no porting on spool
    Velocity Nickel: machined, no hard alox finish w/ porting on spool
    Velocity: machined, hard alox finish, no porting on spool
    Litespeed: machined, hard alox finish, ported spool

    I recommend watching the product videos on the Lamson website: Videos The Waterworks Lamson

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    Default Re: Lamson Guru vs Velocity

    I have an older model Velocity 3.0 that has performed flawlessly. It's not going to win a beauty contest but the drag is excellent. The last version of Litespeed can be had on closeout right now. I own one of those and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it especially with closeout pricing. Extremely light and great performance.
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    Default Re: Lamson Guru vs Velocity

    Thanks for all the feedback. I did feel the difference in weight between the two, though I do like the look of the machine work on the Guru better, it is the heavier of the two models. The Guru is attractive from the price stand point. If I go for the Velocity then I was thinking I may pony up the extra 30 or 40 dollars and go for the Ross Evolution LT which was originally my first choice. I'll also have to check out that Guru Nickel.

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    Default Re: Lamson Guru vs Velocity

    I believe the Guru has Type II Anodizing, while the Hard Alox is a Type III. If you plan to use it in saltwater, I would go with the Hard Alox.

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