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  1. Default Pflueger Medallion 1495 1/2 Retrieve Swap

    I just got an old Pflueger Medallion 1495 1/2 reel from my father-in-law's attic and found that it was set-up for a right-hand retrieve. After looking at it I'm not sure if it is compatable with a left-hand retrieve due to the permanent rivets on the reel wall. If anyone has any advice on whether or not these reels can be reversed PLEASE let me know so I can get out on the Snake River and hopefully start landin' some steelhead with it!

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    Default Re: Pflueger Medallion 1495 1/2 Retrieve Swap

    Hi iturner8,

    I am a little confused that your reel is a Pflueger Medallion 1495 1/2. I know and own a Pflueger Medalist 1495 1/2. Are you sure it is a Medallion and not a Medalist.

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