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    Default Reel for superfine 8'6 3wt

    Just ordered my full flex superfine 3wt. I have an existing 4wt lamson litespeed i've thought of getting an extra spool for and loading up with a 3wt to use...but looking at spool and line prices it's nearly as costly as a whole new reel, spool and free line (thrown in since i bought the rod at the shop too). so...i'm looking at a orvis hydros II or a hatch finatic 3+ which is nearl $200 more than the orvis. what gives on the hatch reel? I've never owned one....yes they are a work of art but functionally are they worth it?

    thanks for your input.

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    Default Re: Reel for superfine 8'6 3wt

    Personally, on a 3 wt a reel is just a line holder. How about this Lamson Litespeed (they are on closeout): WATERWORKS - LAMSON LITESPEED REEL - SIZE #1.5 | eBay

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    Default Re: Reel for superfine 8'6 3wt

    I am a Hatch fan but its performance is irrelivent on a little #3. The nicest reel with historical relevence thrown in might be a little Orvis CFO.

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    Default Re: Reel for superfine 8'6 3wt

    What is the reason to ever buy a hatch reel and put it on a 3wt? They just came out with a 1 plus (0-2 wt). Again another reel that no one should use/buy?

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    Default Re: Reel for superfine 8'6 3wt

    Hatch reels are beautiful and highly functional. On light line rods, they are overkill.

    I'm partial to click and pawl style reels for lighter rigs. I agree that an old school CFO can be the way to go. Another way to go would be one of the Hardy Classic Lightweight series reels.


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    Default Re: Reel for superfine 8'6 3wt

    I too am partial to a click and pawl for the lighter rods. A nice one is the Cortland well with both my 2 & 4 wt rods. Well made, light weight & has great capacity. The pawl's design and materials are very similar to the Hardy lightweights. The Reel + extra spool came in well under $200. Send me a PM if you would like a reference for the online shop where I bought mine. They put on backing for free and also threw in leaders etc.

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    Default Re: Reel for superfine 8'6 3wt

    Peersonally I don't fish lighter lines than #4 as they provide inadaquit mass for effective reach and mend casting. I have an 8'/#4 that I enjoy on small streams mounted with a Hardy-built CFO, a lovely rig. I am, however, contemplating the Loomis NRX 9'/#4 which I might fish on a low wind day on the Henrys Fork or even the Missouri side channels instead of my customery #5. On the NRX I will use a Hatch or Nautilus with a drag because I intend to hook larger trout with room to run. Our gear selection is all about the environment we plan on fishing and it is great that rod and reel makers are offering equipment for specialized applications.

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    Default Re: Reel for superfine 8'6 3wt

    You don't need a hi tech over-engineered drag on a 3 weight. I would recommend an old British-made spring-and-pawl Orvis CFO 123 or a Hardy Featherweight. Dainty, elegant and classic. Get one used on eBay or Craigslist.

    A new alternative would be LL Bean's Pocket Water or Red Truck's Diesel 3/4. Orvis's current Battenkill Bar Stock I or II, or CFO II, would also do the trick but I don't think they look as nice.

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    Default Re: Reel for superfine 8'6 3wt

    Wisdom is always welcome. I've decided to stick with the Lamson.

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    Default Re: Reel for superfine 8'6 3wt

    You should look into the Orvis Access reels. I was given one last fall for a 4wt and love it.

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