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Thread: CRC Fly Reel?

  1. Default CRC Fly Reel?

    Hey all -

    Just joined. I'm not much of a fly fisherman myself, but my father is a fly fishing fiend. He's been off shore fly fishing for about 30 years, and currently has the most sailfish releases on fly.

    Anyways, we are currently clearing out some excess fishing stuff and I've come across some things Im not too sure what they really are!!

    Anyways, I found a Charlton 8550C SS, which I quickly discovered what it was, as well as this reel that I haven't a clue, and not a single google search helps me out.

    Im sure its a $10 reel, but curiosity is getting the absolute best of me. What in the world is this reel!?!? I really appreciate any help you guys can offer.

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    $10 reel? really? here are two links i found with a quick google search: (you may try to contact the owner of the site for any further info)

    these appear to be referring to more modern verions of your reel (judging from your photos) but i wonder if what you have is simply a very good reel worth much more than $10.

    fresno, ca.

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    The Charlton is worth $3000 or so. Its brand new in the box.

    The one I posted, as I said, is a completely different reel, that I believe to be worth but NOONE can tell me how much its worth!?!

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    The first picture isnt working.. it just says CRC in the middle. Nothing else, no model number.

    It appears to be about a 8/9/10 WT..

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    Ahhhhh, ok, sorry, i see what you mean. the two photos of the reel in your first post didn't show for me until now.

    if you don't receive any results from here, you can try two other forums which have sections dealing with reels. the first deals mainly with 'classic" reels usually for bamboo rods:

    the other is a section targeting slightly less expensive reels (but not always) and is found on a site dedicated to fiberglass fly rods:

    another web site dealing with all types of collectible or simply older reels is ORCA:

    good luck. let us know what develops.

    fresno, ca.

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