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Thread: Lamson Konic

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    Is anyone familiar with the Lamson Konic reel? For $120 it sounds appealing. Google it!

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    Hi burns,

    That is a good questions. It is a cast reel but they seem to think their cast reel is better than others. I would have preferred a cast/machined reel. It is good that they use the same drag. I don't particularly like the big KONIC on the side of the reel. I like the looks of it better than their Litespeed model. Seems to be a good reel in the $100 price range.


    Here is Waterworks description.

    Introducing the new Lamson Konic
    Our goal is to bring the best technology in reels to any given price point. We’ve now addressed the important $100+ price point with Konic. Please read on to find out what makes Konic a better reel than any other comparably priced alternative.
    When designing the Konic, we started with one given: to incorporate the same fully sealed conical drag system and stainless steel roller clutch used in our high-end reels. The drag system in Konic uses the same fully machined parts, made of the same materials, and to the same specifications, as the drag used in the $400+ Waterworks reels or any of our other high-end reels. This is the principal benefit of the Konic versus competitive reels. What other $100+ reel can say that it shares proven drag technology with a $400+ reel?
    In order to deliver this expensive drag in a low-priced reel we are die casting the frame and spool. But this is no low-end die casting. This is Pressure Casting with molten ALDC12 aluminum alloy injected at 1,080 kgs pressure to ensure consistent, smooth and strong parts with lower porosity. Contrast this method with the Gravity Casting used by competitors. Our frame and spool are solid single-part pieces. Again, contrast this with 2-part cast spools that our competition uses. Once cast, the frame and spool are “skim cut” on CNC machines, a process in which a thin surface layer is cut away to provide a finish comparable to fully-machined reel.
    We use a 100% solid polyurethane coating to provide a finish that is very resistant to gouging and abrasion. Contrast this to the weaker electrostatic paints that competitive reels use.
    The Konic is a lightweight, true large arbor reel. It’s strong, good looking, well put-together and frugal. These are virtues in a fly reel, or a spouse. We can’t help you with the latter, but now we can ship you the former. Konic will be available beginning late August ’08 in a 5-6 weight; and followed in early September with a 3-4 weight. Larger sizes will be available in early ’08:

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    Looks pretty great to me. I might make that my new official reco in the $100 reel category over the Cortland Endurance. (Wish Steve would carry them)

    Only hesitation- that drag adjustment knob looks a little un-grippy. I would have to handle one to know for sure though.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I'm looking for a reel to complete my wife's new/first outfit which is:

    -TFO Casting for Recovery 8'6"(Purple/Pink) rod (casts great!)
    -Teeny Casting for Recovery (Purple/Pink) line and backing

    This could be the ticket. I was also thinking about a Battenkill LA or Okuma SLV.

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    Default Re: Lamson Konic

    Only hesitation- that drag adjustment knob looks a little un-grippy. I would have to handle one to know for sure though.

    Hi Cliff,

    I noticed that too. The drag knob they use on the Velocity would have been a better choice.


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    Hi all,

    I was looking for that reel too.
    But need some real comments on a reel not just reviews (commercials).
    So a few questions ?
    -Is it the left hand reel and what about changing from right to left (left is the hand I use for winding).
    -I need the reel for #5 WF line (the no.2 looks a bit vide too me)
    -need a link to reasonable price internet shop (witch delivers to EU)
    -is the drag knob really problematic anf if it is; is it possible to change it for another (Lamson) knob

    Slovenian fishing site
    Slovenian fishing photogallery

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    Is there an option to change the knob for the other one (velocity) ???
    Slovenian fishing site
    Slovenian fishing photogallery

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    Quote Originally Posted by burns View Post
    Is anyone familiar with the Lamson Konic reel? For $120 it sounds appealing. Google it!
    What a fudging ripoff. A $120 die cast trout reel? OH WOW, a trout reel that has a drag that can fight a marlin<sarcasm>.

    You want to impress me? Give me a large arbor trout reel for under $90 that is cnc machined. Lucky me their is one

    These reels are constructed of fully machined Aluminum Magnesium. Magnesium has the best strength-to-weight ratio of any of the commonly used structural metals. It has excellent dimensional stability and is highly impact and dent resistant. The addition of magnesium to aluminum vastly improves its strength and corrosion resistance. So you now have a fly reel that will hold up to harsh treatment and give you uninterrupted service for many years to come.

    · Fully Machined Aluminum Magnesium
    · Large Arbor Design
    · Large Drag Adjustment Knob
    · Large Diameter Cork/FXB Polymer Disc Drag
    · Ultra Smooth and Low Start-Up Inertia
    · Saltwater Safe
    · Highly Impact Resistant
    · Precision Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
    · One-Way Roller Bearing
    · Quick Left and Right Hand Reversal
    · Counter Balanced Spool
    · Drag Clutch with Zero-Backlash
    · Silent Retrieve with Outgoing Click
    · Quick Release Spool
    · Exposed Palming Rim for Additional Control
    · Protective Reel Bag
    Line Wt: 4wt to 6wt
    Weight: 6.95 oz
    Outside Dia: 3.5 in
    Inside Dia: 2.0 in
    Width: 1.1 in
    Capacity: 175 yds 20# backing with WF-5-F fly line

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    What reel are you talking about ???
    Slovenian fishing site
    Slovenian fishing photogallery

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    I WANT ONE and I WILL GET ONE! I got tosay that I would be under the impression that ALL new reels are right hand or left hand with a minor adjustment. I can't see Lamson or any other company making two of this design for that reason when it is as easy as flipping a gear or a bearing over.
    DRAG KNOB! are you guys serious? ;-)

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