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    Default Re: Help with picking a reel

    Take a gander at the Ross Flyrise, about $100 new. Ross has a good reputation and a lifetime warranty. A used Ross CLA is also an option, excellent drag system and very durable.

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    Trout Reel by Allen seems to be having good reviews. Cortland is a tough reel for the money. Have you considered the Redington Drift? Purchased one for a back up two weeks ago and have really enjoyed it! Hope this was a help.

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    Default Re: Help with picking a reel

    these guys will give you lots of options on reels, so I'll limit myself to a line suggestion. Go to redtruck flyfishing and look at fly lines on sale. They almost always have some Airflo Ridge line for around $30. Good line, I have the stuff on two of my reels.

    here's the link:
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