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    Default Marking a Reel or Spool

    Dumb question from a relative newbie.... What's the best way to mark a reel or spare spool with the data on the line type, weight, length, backing weight & lenght, etc? Is there a way, or do experienced fishermen just remember?
    - Rick

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    Default Re: Marking a Reel or Spool

    Write it on a piece of tape and stick it under the reel seat or on the inside near the click and pawl. Never a dumb question, however speaking for myself I am prone to some dumb answers.

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    Default Re: Marking a Reel or Spool

    i like to use a dremel tool. nice permanent results

    seriously though, a small sticker or piece of tape and a fine tip black sharpie will do the job



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    Default Re: Marking a Reel or Spool

    Magic Mark the fly line. One small bar around the line n ear the end = a one weight two, a two weight, three for three, and four for four then go to a heavy bar for a five weight, a heavier bar and a small bar a 6 weight etc.

    I suppose you could use a dot dash, bar system for WF, DT, etc but I can tell by just looking for that.  8088
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    Default Re: Marking a Reel or Spool

    I have a line on a reel that I bought on ebay and it was marked in pencil on the spool as an Orvis #7 F/S so I thought it must be sink tip but it floats up pretty good. I really like how it handles with my Sage Flight 9' 8wt rod. I'm wondering if the previous owner changed lines and left the old marking or maybe it's intermediate sink tip? I have no experience with intermediate; as to how far it sinks?

    Sorry if I'm hijacking the thread...maybe I should have created a new post for this

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    Default Re: Marking a Reel or Spool

    Quote Originally Posted by littledavid123 View Post
    Write it on a piece of tape and stick it under the reel seat or on the inside near the click and pawl. Never a dumb question, however speaking for myself I am prone to some dumb answers.

    I basically do the same. When I use the sticker that comes with the line, coat it with Sally Hansen's and put Scotch tape over it. I've also used the label stickers used with your printer. Write on them with a Sharpie, cut down to size a little, coat them, and tape them down.
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    Default Re: Marking a Reel or Spool

    While I use the sharpie method on both ends of the fly line (except for those newer lines which already come factory marked), I've also heard of another method. You can lay down a small space of white-out and then write over this the particular line. When you want to change it, either lay down a new coat or remove the old coat and repeat. While I've never used it to mark fly lines, it's similar to the method that we use to label ceramic artifacts from excavations...
    - A.J.

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    Default Re: Marking a Reel or Spool

    I'm chiming in late but I had this same issue a week ago as I picked up some spare spools. My solution was getting a big fat rubber band (the post office wraps my mail in em) taking a fine point sharpie and writing out what the line is. I slap the band on the spool when it's not on my reel. You can get fat rubber bands for nothing and even colored ones for quick recognition. Stretch the rubber band out a little when you write down the data. When my lines aren't on my reels they go on the spools that they came with which have plenty of space to label.

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    Default Re: Marking a Reel or Spool

    I keep a Word Doc. reel/line log. A new reel is entered with aquisition date, amount and type of backing and the line. Uppon mounting a new line or just switching lines about which I do a fair bit of; rather than rely on my memory I go straight to the computer and up-date the log, entering a mounting date for the line...hey I switchited a line today and forgot to register it...gotta go take care of that...

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    Default Re: Marking a Reel or Spool

    See the sticker on the reel on the left ?
    I bet that's been on there 30 years. I don't think I could get it off if I wanted to.
    There used to be a guy on many of the fly forums called "DotMan" that sold such things, but I haven't seen him around recently

    You can also mark your lines with a sharpie marker. A thin band for each "weight" and one thick band for 5
    So a 4wt line would have 4 thin bands. A 7wt line would have 1 fat band and 2 thin ones

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