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  1. Default What reel should I get for my 6wt

    So I am probably going to go up to the new cabelas by me and try out the Crosswater 2, I'm probably going to get it unless I really hate it. So I am wondering what reel I should get, I am looking at 3. We have the Martin Mountain Brook, the Hobbs Creek, or a Okuma Sierra. I have a Martin Mountain Brook, but it's on my 8wt, and I don't want another heavy reel on my 6wt. I have an Okuma Sierra 4/5 wt, and I do like that reel. My dad has a Hobbs creek and it is a light reel, but it seems flimsy and cheaper than the Martin.
    So what is your take on the reels listed, what's better, what is higher quality, what has a better drag...etc


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    Default Re: What reel should I get for my 6wt

    Hi Patio87,

    I don't know much about reels in this price range. One of our moderators has recommended the Okuma Sierra and you said you liked that reel. He thinks it has a smooth drag and is a good buy. The Hobbs Creek is also used and liked by some of the forum members. I would pick one of these two reels over the Martin. Let us know what you buy.


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    Well I gotta say so far the Okuma Sierra is on the top of my list.

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    I am using an Okuma Airframe on a 5wt, the daugther is using an Okuma Magnitude on a 6wt and have had no problems, I like the star wheel for the drag system, easy to use and quite.

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    Default Re: What reel should I get for my 6wt

    I'd take a look at the Cortland Endurance reel. Its a little pricier, but has a large arbor design, and will hold up to saltwater use if you ever get a chance to go that route.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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