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Matttrick 10-15-2007 08:08 PM

Orvis Mach IV
I ended up picking up an Orvis Mach IV reel a couple of days ago for $155 USD. Orvis was having a sale and I couldn't resist. I like it so far. I'm going to pair it with my new TFO TiCrX 8wt and use it down on the Texas coast for my upcoming flats fishing venture.

What are your thoughts on this reel? I'm stuck with it now, but looking forward to hopefully getting some good lifelong use out of it. This is my first reel with a sealed drag and I like it. I hope it can stand up to Bull Reds, Jacks, Permit, Salmon, big LMB and anything else I can throw at it.


bonefish41 10-16-2007 01:50 PM

Re: Orvis Mach IV
My guess would be it won't last your lifetime in regular saltwater might last my remaining lifetime though..either the early or later orvis vortex would however ...that said I use an english mach VI for my permit reel on a 10 wt TCR...because it's very light for its size and big diameter means quick pickup; however, I use it only 10 to 12 days a year and I do not put more than 2.5 lb. of reel drag; the rest is as needed by using in hand drag on the rod...on the flats, large saltwater fish 20 lb plus are fought with the butt of the rod not by adding more reel drag see some of the early articles by Stu Apte and recent articles by Andy Mill...exception is blue water fly fishing then you would more likely be using Tibors or Abels with traditional large cork drags with 4-6 lb reel drag.

bonefish41 10-16-2007 06:44 PM

Re: Orvis Mach IV
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This is the form for beating large fish with a flyrod in the butt section and using the hands to substantially increase the pressure on the fish but letting
go to the reel drag when it runs

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