As some of you may have read I was looking for a 3wt reel for a G.Loomis 7'6" trilogy rod. I decided on the Allen reel due to the amazing offer from Justin for a free reel, which I declined. Well it arrived today. It's a very nice reel for the money they ask. It's not like my Abel Super's but for the $115.00 I would buy them all day long.

Fit and finish are very good and the design looks like a high end reel. I do see slight machining marks IF I look REAL hard. Again, understanding production time costs to give it a "Abel" look, they would have to sell the reel for more money. All in all I think the reel is great value for the money. Next is to test it on some trout. From what others have stated about the performance aspect I feel confident that it will do great!