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Thread: Okuma SLV

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    Opinions? Looking to throw one on a CPS 5 wt and a Persuit 8 wt.

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    The SLV has gotten great reviews, and not a bad price at $60

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    I have the 4-5 weight model and the 7-8 wt model. I really like them, and like the smooth drag and large arbor. Cool if you ask me. Might not ne top end, but they will do a fine job.

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    I have one on my CPS 5 wt, and like it. My only gripe about the reel is that the drag can kind of be a pain to adjust. Other than that, it's an inexpensive reel worth picking up. They can be had on the cheap via ebay and some online retailers. Just keep your eyes peeled.

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    great reel for the price and then some!!
    have owned several and liked all of them



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    The SLV's have served me well for many years. I bought a Ross Gunnison when they were on clearance (2003-2004???) for $120. I decided to return it, and buy a couple of SLV's, and still had cash left. A couple of more SLV's were added to the collection, and they all performed flawlessly. I own much more expensive reels, and the SLV's haven't been used since last Fall. They're light, have a well ventilated spool and frame, and a silky drag. The cork drag does have a wide range, and has a different feel than a Ross Evolution (for example), but I never had a problem adjusting it. The retrieve is silent, with a faint outgoing click. Retrieve is as close to frictionless as I've encountered.

    They can be found for around $40 shipped on ebay sometimes, and I paid $35 for a couple. The reel is popular, so getting killer prices like that is hit and miss now.

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