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    Default Re: reel to rod balance

    This is all well and good but it's not the whole story.
    Fly fishing and the use a fly rod can not be reduced to the science of casting. It's apples and oranges.
    The other day I was using a friend's homemade 7.5' bamboo 4wt. The first thing that struck me was how heavy it was in the tip. You'd think I'd be used to this as at least 1/2 the rods I own are vintage, some cane but mostly glass.
    The difference was that I balance my rods with heavy reels and the borrowed cane had a small, light weight reel on it.
    'Well "you might say, "science has just shown us that lighter is better to cast, so what's your beef?"
    The thing is "casting" is not fly fishing.
    Much more often when you're "fishing" you're doing things such as following a drift or even moving from place to place, or hopefully playing a fish.
    A rod that's "balanced" in your hand is easier to deal with and not as tiring to use.
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    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: reel to rod balance

    All good points and well thought out. My personal perspective is that I spend an inordinate amount of time with my outfit cradeled in my hand or accross my arm as I await that big head tucked into the grassy bank to rise again or for my guide or, less likely, me to see that big bone heading my way at 11:O'clock. Thus my earlier opinion on a neutral balance point at the front of the grip. Silver Cr.'s points are all very noteworthey though and I suppose one might alter the bias of a balancing point if one were, heaven forbid, a high-stick bobber nympher. A light overall weight outfit that doesn't sacrifice performance or reliability is a wonderful thing and I am really enjoying my current primary dry fly rig; a Sage ONE mounted with a Nautilus FWX 5/6 and RIO Gold but the balance point is closer to the winding check than my normal forefinger poistion an inch back...I'll refrain from adding any split shot to it though.

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    I can only speak for myself and my experience, but I have now focused all my purchasing & aquisitions on as light as possible when it comes to single-handed rods and reels. Why? I simply get more time on the water, sans fatigue. Ritz was right though. I have yet to find that magic rod/reel balance myth.

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    Default Re: reel to rod balance

    With a single hander I also do the balance bit either tip up or down depending upon how the rod will be fished. With a two hander the balance point will be at where you normally have the upper hand on the cork (or an inch or two above). The 'important thing' is to pull the amount of line you'd normally cast OFF the reel first. That way the rod is 'balanced as its cast.'
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    Default Re: reel to rod balance

    All rods will "balance" a bit different once you have 30' of fly line behind you on the back cast.

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    Default Re: reel to rod balance

    I just like the rig to be as lightweight as possible and still balance at rest. With all the line on the reel I like 'em to balance just ahead of the grip... about where the hook keeper would be.
    Nothing scientific or over-engineered here, just personal preference.
    When looking at rigs one of the main points I look at in a rod is the weight, less is more for me, but this falls behind how it feels while casting it. Once I get the rod I like then I get the reel to match. Again, reel weight is a big purchasing factor for me. When the rig balances for me as described above, and seemingly disappears while in use I consider it prefect for me. I used the term 'for me' a lot in this statement because rod/reel balance is quite a personal thing.

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