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  1. Default Reddington drift or Orvis Battenkill

    Opinions, please.

    for a 3-5 wt. (mostly 3&4)

    Reddington Drift

    Orvis battenkill

    Orvis Access

    Orvis CFO

    i know they go up in prices but all under $210

    Will for 3wt. Scott 8'8" & a 7' - 4wt. Sharps wood.

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    Default Re: Reddington drift or Orvis Battenkill

    Battenkill. Great reel and love the look.

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    Default Re: Reddington drift or Orvis Battenkill

    Battenkill, no doubt.
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    Default Re: Reddington drift or Orvis Battenkill

    I have the Battenkill and the Drift.
    The drift wobbles and the battenkill has enough gap between the spool and frame that my leader will always get caught between spots. Neither are the end of the world but both annoying.

    When I can afford one I'll be fishing Hardy lightweights on my trout rods.
    I'd like to try the Access reel though, they seem like good value.

    Steelheader's Anonymous.

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    okuma Guest

    Default Re: Reddington drift or Orvis Battenkill

    I have the Drift and owned the Battenkill. Both I liked. I also found an Orvis Encounter, on their site, which I am having a serious love affair with this season.

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    Default Re: Reddington drift or Orvis Battenkill

    I have a predecessor (Battenkill Mid Arbor) to the Access reel and it has been absolutely bulletproof. I have never once had an issue with it. I beat that thing to hell and have never once had an issue with it. It's been dunked, thrown onto banks, had sand through it, etc. Great reel, great drag. The new ones are just a touch lighter. Really a great value in my opinion.

    I prefer the look of the older CFO's, the Grey/Silver combo as opposed to the newer ones, though they are pretty looking reels. Much better in person than the pictures on the web or in the catalog.

    Orvis has good warranty/repair/service on their reels, so that's also a plus in my book. I don't have experience with Reddington reels or their warranty so I can't speak to that.

    I am fishing an old but new to me LRH Lightweight on my a couple of my 4 WT rods and just love it. Classic, and functional and simple.
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  7. Default Re: Reddington drift or Orvis Battenkill

    I'm the original poster.

    I have a Hardy Featherweight "made in England" that would cost $300 to repair with xtra spool. It was given to me by a freind who fished day and night and (surprisingly) didn't take care of his reels.
    Or, buy a new reel.
    Which would you do?

    p.s. the guy who repairs the stuff makes the reel perform like new. Great work.

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    Default Re: Reddington drift or Orvis Battenkill

    I think you can get a new one for less then that.
    Granted it's not made in England.
    But it would have a warranty. (no personal experience with Hardy on that)
    It's a tough call,
    Since your asking, I'd get a new one, fish it hard, and put the older one on the shelf.

    Steelheader's Anonymous.

  9. Default Re: Reddington drift or Orvis Battenkill

    Thanks. that was my instinct, too.

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    Default Re: Reddington drift or Orvis Battenkill

    Hello Dennis

    If you have time to look for one, I'd suggest an older, England, Orvis CFO.
    They are reliable, durable and in my experience fishing with them, require only reasonable care to keep functioning as they should. And, a pleasure to fish. An English made Battenkill would be a good choice too.
    Orvis will stand behind either if there is a problem.

    If looks are important to you, most of the comparisons of the new reels with a so called "classic" appearance seem to be using the CFO, or other Hardys, as the standard.

    Obviously my opinion only but since you asked -----------. Hope you find what you are looking for.

    Nature, Cheaper than Therapy


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