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Thread: Hatch Reels

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    When i was looking at the hatch reels what i noticed compared to the nautilus NV, was the weight, about 2oz. difference. For the same price range the nautilus nv is a much better reel.

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    I recently purchased a Hatch +7 and Winston BIIx 12ft. 6in 6/7 wt. for summer steelhead fishing. The Nautilus NV 8/9 G-7 is 2 oz. lighter and no doubt a fine reel. However, a heavier reel may balance the rod better. I feel lightness is more important in the rod than the reel. I am very pleased with the quality and performance of both the rod and reel.

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    I agree about the balance, but when casting big rods and big flies all day a little less weight can mean less arm fatigue.

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    I have 2 hatch reels. A finatic 3+ on my ZG helios 9' 5wt and a 5+ on my ZG helios 9'7 wt. Haven't really tested the drag on it, and the reel maybe a bit overkill for the bass and trout here in the mid atlantic..but the reels are no doubt the best I have. For all the reasons already listed here I'll probably get a couple more down the road. Might even stick one on a 3wt...yes I know it's overkill but I like nice reels. Others will disagree with me on this but I looked at Nautilus and felt like there were too many parts/screws and I prefer a totally sealed drag and a large drag knob.

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    I personally like an outfit to balance at a point towards the front of the grip opposite where my thumb would be planted on top. Too light a reel makes the rig feel tip heavy even if it is a light weight trout rod and this perceived weight can be more fatiguing than having extra weight in the reel. If anything I would prefer the reel to be slightly too heavy than too light. I fish both Hatch and Nautilus reels in trout and saltwater sizes. These two makes are among my top-tier quality/performance preferences and they mate with different rods because they are distinctly different in weight per line/backing capacity. This past spring I purchased a Nautilus FWX 5/6 to use on my also new NRX 9'/ looked handsome and aesthetically appropriate on the Loomis but it was too light and wound up on my Hardy Zenith 9'/#5 which is lighter than the #4 Loomis. The NRX big river 4-weight's big brother, NRX #8, is mounted with a Nautilus but it is the far more substantial (though still light for its class) NV 10/11 customized with Nautilus's "Giga" #8 spool. This is one of my best ever bonefish outfits and a perfect combination as is the Hatch 7+ on Scott's #8 S4s; a little heavier rod with a specialty for dead accurate presentations out to about 70' and, importantly, in as close as 30'. I will often fish the powerful NRX from the bow of the skiff and switch to the S4s when I get out to wade. You have to have back-up tackle when bonefishing remote destinations anyway and rock solid reliable quality is a must, so might a well enjoy some diversity. This diversity is what these two reel makers offer me and though their personalities and size weights are quite different the smooth, strong, fine tunable and trouble free drag works flawlessly on both makes and both have excellent spool aspect ratios.

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    I have the Hatch 5+ and 7+. They regularly go to Alaska, so the drags get a workout each trip. I am very happy with both reels.
    I feel reels are like rods and cameras - once you get up to a certain quality, they're all pretty darn good and it becomes a choice of what feels best and works best for the individual.

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    I have a random question on a Hatch Finatic Plus 4...

    Does the retrieve get tighter/stiffer the more you crank the drag up? Seems like when I turn up the drag, it get's a little harder to that normal?

    thanks for any advice.

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    I have used one ( 5 plus ) and it was pretty good, but i think the Galvan Torque is a better all around reel, not to mention cheaper.

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    Trident Fly Fishing

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    Trident, Thank you for reposting your #8 reel test here. The Hardy Fortuna and Hatch surely have earned their high placement and it is cool you included newish Cheeky (did they get any points for color combos?). But where are the Nautilus NV, a core player in this category, and Galvan Torque to name two? Also, you did not subtract points from reels with poor, too wide for intuitive uniform line retrieval, aspect ratios...a big draw back in 8-weight type fishing where one gets into ones backing more than in most trout fishing situations.

    We all look forward to your second generation fly reel comparison being further inclusive and featuring more sharply defined rating categories. This forum is a very supportive fan and critic of evaluative tackle comparisons.

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