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Thread: Galvan reel identification

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    Default Galvan reel identification

    I purchased two Galvin reels at an estate sale today and I would appreciate your assistance in identifying the model of the reel and the line size range for the reels. BTY these were a good buy as they are unmarked by use and were $50 for the two reels. I plan to make the grand sons real happy with this purchase.

    One reel is marked 3.25 and is loaded with 5 wt line. The second is marked 3.5 and is loaded with 7 wt line.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    Default Re: Galvan reel identification

    They sound like Galvan Standard reels. Very nice reels and steals at $25 each.

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    Default Re: Galvan reel identification

    I would have to agree based on the info provided, Galvan Standards. If you can post some photos, I'm sure you will get positive ID on them.

    Pretty hard to beat a Galvan reel for $25 a piece, I'm sure your grandsons will love them. Congrats on your great find.
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    Default Re: Galvan reel identification

    Galvan Standard 3.25
    Galvan Standard 3.5

    You scored.


    PS: Just in case you need your reels serviced, the Galvan shop in Soulsbyville, California, can take care of your reels.

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