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    Well, I purchased a reel for my 4wt Redington CT. I was going to get a Drift for $99, but decided to get a J.A. Forbes Avon for an additional $50. I'm not sure this was a good buy. It reads Made in England, for what it's worth.

    Is it foolish to have this on a CT (let alone have one at all on a 4wt) or would a more reasonably-priced reel (Drift, Konic 1.5, LL Bean Pocket reel) be best?

    The little I have read, it appears to be a quality item, but are the differences in quality really that big between the reels I've listed? Perhaps I've sold myself on the other guys snake oil.

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    I have heard good things about Forbes reels. I think you will be pleased.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    Forbes makes a nice reel. If you're happy with the way it feels, how it looks, where it's made, and you're OK with the money spent, does it really matter what we think? I have two of the Forbes magnesium reels, which are very light, but being magnesium, require a little more tender handling.

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