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    Default Shimano Ultegra Fly reels

    "surfing" ebay this afternoon and came across a couple of Shimano Ultegra fly reels. From the few pic look like nice machined reels.

    Does anyone know a US source for these?

    I am really keen on these as for casting & spinning reels Shimano is the best. Top perfomance, superbe factory support with parts and data always available. I have longed for a fly reel maker with the same spirit.

    I guess this is a rant too. As I utterly hate to have to box a reel up for some "skunk works" shop to work on what about the simplest of devices. Really, it's just an old Mitchell 300 spool with a handle. My only guess is that fly reel makers think flyfisherman are dunces.

    A Shimano Curado/Citica/Calcutta/............... are all far far far far more complex than the most complex fly reel but shimano publishes and posts parts lists and tutorials on these reels. they even sell you parts with a smile.

    Rod makers have no issue with selling blanks. Guess they are far more trusting.

    But just try to get the "better" fly reel companies to sell you a few screws or drag washers, much less give you useful parts diagram, good luck.

    Rant over,

    Pete A.

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    Default Re: Shimano Ultegra Fly reels

    They do look good. I did not know Shimano made fly reels. My favorite spinning reel is a Shimano reel. I agree about parts. It irks me that I can't get some Medalist parts. It would help customer appreciation, that is for sure. I hesitate to buy stuff that I am sure will have obsolete parts in ten years. (or LESS) I think the reel company should have schematics, and parts lists for all the reels they made/make...ON THEIR WEBSITE. Also it would be nice if they had how to clean your reel videos, also on their website.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    Default Re: Shimano Ultegra Fly reels

    I'm ok with old reels as a manufacturer can only keep spares for so long. Medalist's been out of prodcution for quite a while, so I give Pflueger a pass on that reel.

    Sage/Reddington are fairly good.

    However the majority of current production "better" US made reels act like only they have have the majical skills required to disassemble and reassemble.

    See we wade fish in the salt seldom with a boat and get slat water all over the tackle. Not some scenic fly fishing magazine example, but butt deep in salt grass. Reels/rods/equipment get dirty and need full cleaning.

    Pete A.

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    have a look at the g Loomis reels, they are from the same maker

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    Default Re: Shimano Ultegra Fly reels

    They look like the old Loomis Venture reels and I would not recommend. I was up on the Garden River and we got into pods of fresh Kings a few years ago. Two of the guys had Loomis Venture reels, both burned up within a few fish. I would not recommend them for anything but warm-water or smaller trout fishing on a budget. Their are far better values out there.

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    a friend of mine had one that went bust as well, he had it "serviced" by Schukken (google that name for fly reels!!!) after which it worked like a dream, no thanks to Loomis/Shimano

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