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    I like the torque myself

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    Both great reels from an excellent company. I prefer the look of the Torque, myself. I don't like the look of the Spoke.

    I've fished the Torque and it's a fine reel but I don't own it. I own a Galvan Standard - fine fly reel.

    If it were me, I'd go with the Torque.

    Also an interesting comment regarding the drag surface area.


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    Default Re: Galvan Spoke or Galvan Torque

    I own several Torques, outstanding reels. You really can't go wrong with any Galvan, great company, great customer service. I have put a T-4 on each of my 4 weights and it balances them all perfectly. I think it comes down to personal choice and aesthetics. Good luck

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    I would go for the t4. I like the look better. I have it in silver. The drag is great. Plus they stand behind their product. Earlier post a few months ago will attest.

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