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    Default Re: Info on old Orvis reels?

    Quote Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
    On a side note: I recently read what seemed like a very practical way to maximize the length of material on the smallest reel possible. I believe it came from Mariano who did not believe in "balancing" a rod with a reel, rather using the lightest reel practical to enhance casting distance. Granted this was probably in the late 60's/early 70's before all the space-age rod technology, but I digress. Cast your rod as far as you can and then cut-off any line still on the reel and load up the rest with backing.

    Why have extra line if you will never need it to cast? And further lighten up the reel by replacing line with backing. Again, this was with glass rods and stream fishing when I assume (I've never cast old glass) average fishermen did not cast 75' of line. And on my little 2wt, or any very light small stream rod, there is never a need for more than 50' of line, and rarely any use for 40' of line.
    That works if you're using a WF. Better yet: Get a DT, cut it exactly in half, and save the half you don't use. Then when the first half wears out you can use the other half rather than buying a whole new line.

    A lot of fly shop gurus will tell you that delicate fishing with light lines and rods is better with a DT than a WF. But I find that if you try to spool up a whole DT line on one of those dainty little reels, the end closer to the spindle becomes so kinked up that you will never be able to reverse the line and cast it anyway. My dad had a 7' bamboo rod with a Hardy Featherweight reel that he loaded with a whole DT4 line, leaving hardly any room for backing. When he passed it on to me I had to get a new line because the front tip was worn out and the rear tip was coiled like a phone cord.

    As sweetandsalt says, backing weighs more than fly line, but on a small reel like the CFO II the difference will be negligible. It's good to have some backing for insurance against the rare time when a fish takes out your whole fly line, but in small stream fishing you really don't need a lot for that purpose. Its most useful function on a 2 weight outfit is just to take up some room and keep the fly line from getting too tightly kinked close to the spindle.

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    Default Re: Info on old Orvis reels?

    S&S: I didn't think about the extra amount of backing vs. the line weight...though it would be negligible. Just passing on what I thought was an interesting tip from Vincent Mariano. And I hear you on a balanced outfit, while I've tried to balance the couple outfits I have, I've never worried too much about it one way or the other. I still see reels as more of a line holder since I am not really a big game fisherman, so I look for quality, simplicity, and affordability. The Battenkills seem to nail all three. I've landed some 20" fish my little 3/4 click and pawl.

    What did you learn from casting without the reel? I've never tried it.

    Moucheur: I've heard both about WF vs. DT - that a DT is supposedly better for light line outfits and also that there is no difference these days with all the WF tapers. I don't know, I've never tried a DT. But, if the difference does indeed fall on the spectrum somewhere between "not much" and "a little better" then I like your idea of going with half a line and essentially doubling it's life. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    Well, it sounds to me, Dean, that you have more than ample reason to obtain the little CFO II.
    ...and thanks for the green light. I needed that!

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