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    I have always thought that the discontinued Ross San Miguel reels are pretty cool and have been impressed with how much the used ones go for on ebay. Why did Ross stop making them? Does anyone have one and can give a report?

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    I owned two San Miguel reels, would still own them if it were not for some jerk breaking into my truck.
    I loved those reels! Buttery smooth drag, great looks, and bullet proof.
    With the introduction of large arbor reels Ross discontinued them.
    The prices you see on used ones might be due to the fact they were not cheap to begin with.

    I still own several Ross reels and use the heck out of them.

    fish or DIE

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    I have a Ross Vision which is a ported San Miguel.
    In a nutshell, they are SMOOTH! They spin so well you can slap the spool to suck in line far quicker than using the crank.
    The Drag is one of the smoothest out there. It also has a good amount of adjustment.
    The maching is just about perfect.
    If there are any downsides I would say the price, the fact they're not large arbor, the danged plastic parts Ross insists on using and they have a delicate finish.

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    In response to an e-mail inquiry, Ross stated they discontinued the San Miguel reels because they were too difficult and expensive to build.

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