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Thread: 5wt Trout Reel

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    I've owned Lamson, Ross and Orvis. Of the one's you mentioned Ross is a great choice (I owned the Evolution LT) because it's American made. I think the Lamson litespeed I had was US made, but I didn't care for the Hard Alox...yes it did scratch up. And it just sounded light and I started to feel like it wouldn't take a beating.

    The Hyrdos is a nice reel (it's pretty much the BLA they discontinued and I've owned 2, still got one). I was considering one, but opted for a CFO II for the 3wt. Love how that sounds!

    For completely sealed drags I go with Hatch. I own 2 and they are bomb proof.
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    I have a Lamson guru and I couldn't have asked anything more from a reel. this replaced an Orvis reel and the Lamson blew it out of the water. The drag is incredible and its all sealed. I don't think I will buy any other reel. I really like the spool system. you just pop it out, no confusing mechanics. its the same with the rest of the reel, the mechanics are simple but effective.

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