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I'm going to ask Ms. Santa for a new setup. I already know i want to ask for a Sage One 5 wt. But I'm having difficulty deciding which reel to ask for. First I had three ideas. Then after a second trip to the local fly shop I went to five possibilities. I just got back and think I'm down to two now. The five were 1. Sage 4250 in bronze 2. Hatch 4 Plus Finatic (Clear with Green) 3. Waterworks LS2 II Litespeed 4. Waterworks F2 X SL ULA Force 5. Galvan T5 in bronze. The two I think I have it narrowed down to are the Galvan and the Hatch. I really wanted USA made (just wanting to support USA manufacturing). I decided the Waterworks reels were just a little too industrial for my current tastes. Any suggestions among the last two for matching to the Sage One.
I just bought a Galvan Torque T4 in bronze. I have not used it yet but I love the look of it. The only thing I am slightly dissappointed about is the bronze is almost a red color. I guess you have seen it in the shop so you know this but if not be prepared for the reel to be a little more red than the more bronze pics on the web. It would be a tough choice b/t the two but if I could have afforded it I might have gone with the Hatch Finatic. That is one sweet looking reel.