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bignap200 12-25-2012 11:33 PM

Reel appraisal
Anyone know of a website or someone who can price out a couple reels? I have 2 beautiful Fin-Nor #2 Anti reverse reels I've had since I was a kid, about 20 years. Never touched salt water only used in fresh for salmon and steelhead. I take them on every trio I ever go on as backup and really never use them. They're are in great condition, slight hairline scratches on the anodized finish. Serviced them every 3 years they are awesome reels I just dnt use them ever and I'm in the market for a new reel for my spey rod. Any suggestions appreciated

stuie675 12-25-2012 11:49 PM

Re: Reel appraisal
Local fly shop maybe? Or look on ebay and see what they are going for.

bignap200 12-26-2012 12:08 AM

Re: Reel appraisal
Yeah that's the prob I live where there is no decent shop and can't find any on e bay the ones on E bay are the real old skool reels. I may just send them to Lleland for the upgrade program.

stuie675 12-26-2012 12:11 AM

Re: Reel appraisal
Hmm yeah well maybe someone on here can be of more help then. Other than those two places I really dont know of anywhere.

Guest1 12-26-2012 02:10 AM

Re: Reel appraisal
Welcome to the forum. Here's what I would do if I were you. E bay will give you a low end idea if you can find one on there and that may take some time. It's a great place to buy but a lousy place to sell. I'd wait for a bit and see what some of the members here say over the next few days on price. If you stick around and contribute to the forum for a while you can sell it here. That may be a better way to go but you can't do it till you have real posts, 20 of them. We have had a recent rash of 10 character posts for the required 20 posts in a grand total of 25 minutes and then bang, a for sale post.

Hop over to member introductions and post there. That will give you one more real post you need. Give it some time and see what the guys here know about them. We have a lot of really knowledgeable folks on here. :thumbsupu

Kerry Pitt 12-26-2012 03:00 AM

Re: Reel appraisal
Few places when I Googled. This one offers free appraisels maybe check them out?
Fishing Antiques menu

fredaevans 12-26-2012 07:47 AM

Re: Reel appraisal
One other good place (for this type of reel) is the classified section of the SpeyPages web board. Reels of this type are listed frequently. And what you'll see are real trades/sales.

sweetandsalt 12-26-2012 08:48 AM

Re: Reel appraisal
Also being specific about which models you have and posting images will help us help you.

wt bash 12-26-2012 09:11 AM

Re: Reel appraisal
Check out and cold water collectibles. They should be able to give a good price .

jaybo41 12-26-2012 10:01 AM

Re: Reel appraisal
Mr. Bash beat me to it.


You might want to give them a call and talk with them about your reel. Be prepared to send photos. Also, remember, he is in business to make a buck or two so if you are trading or selling there, you might not get what a used one retails for.

What I have noticed about ebay is that prices can fluctuate GREATLY. I've been watching it for a year or so and have observed that there can be some really great buys, and other items end up being sold for way more than value. In my opinion, you'd have to watch it for a while and see the same item you've got come up and go with an average selling price. The ebay market in some cases, has its own distinct market pricing/value system.

Folks who sell on fishing forums are often a little more willing to deal with other members. Certainly not a requirement nor an absolute rule, just another observation of mine.

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