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  1. Default Sage ONE / Xi3 ORVIS HYDROS

    I am currently try to make my decision on a new fly rod i have been looking at the Sage xi3 and the one I really like them both but i am trying to figure what would be the best for me to get i mostly fish for reddrum and sea trout once in a while i will fish for fresh water bass so i will be looking at getting the rod in an 8 or 7 wt and as for the orvis hydros what do you think about that for a reel
    please feel free to let me know what you think good or bad

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    Default Re: Sage ONE / Xi3 ORVIS HYDROS

    The Xi3 is a great rod, tough as nails, and has an un-rivaled pedigree, but not a light weight rod. The Orvis Helios H2 is an awesome rod and feels feather light in the hand. As far as the "one" ....can't give much of an opinion on it as I've never thrown one.

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    Default Re: Sage ONE / Xi3 ORVIS HYDROS

    The one is a great caster. You can definitely feel that transition and technology that it has built in it. I would definitely recommend the h2 and the one.

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    Default Re: Sage ONE / Xi3 ORVIS HYDROS

    I too am a ONE advocate and you could look at G.Loomis NRX too. Hydros is too plebeian a reel to mate with such rods if I may express elitism commensurate with this class of rods.

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    Default Re: Sage ONE / Xi3 ORVIS HYDROS

    I'd get the H2.

    No, I wouldn't.

    I don't need to cast far to catch fish. I just want to cast soft.

    I'm about to die with lust for an Orvis Superfine Touch. My very dreams are haunted by this rod.

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    Default Re: Sage ONE / Xi3 ORVIS HYDROS

    Superfine Touch is not available in the 8-weight size the questioner as inquiring about. And, for the record I do fish a Hydros reel just not in the larger 8-weight size or on the saltwater flats type rods. Nautilus NV, Hatch and Hardy Fortuna are some quality super reliable reels to consider.

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    Default Re: Sage ONE / Xi3 ORVIS HYDROS

    No, I'd get the Superfine in a 4wt,,or a 3wt. I have no use for an 8wt, ,,that's why I said I'd not get the H2.

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