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    I am buying a 7wt rod, and have a 5-6 reel and do not want to buy another reel. Should I put 6wt line on the reel and use it on the 7wt rod or ditch some backing and put 7wt line on the 5-6wt reel. The reel is a lamson konic.

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    I don't think there'd be a problem putting a 7wt line on. What are you targeting? Any chance they'd get out all your line and backing?
    - William

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    I wish but probably not just medium size bass.

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    IF you're not into getting a new reel, ditch some backing. My only concern, sometimes, is balance. Some think this is important, others do not. I find that a properly balanced rod is easier to cast all day.
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    Another option is 50lb braided fishing line. Pretty much gell spun backing. It is a lot thinner than 20lb backing so you can fit a lot more on and some brands have hi-viz colors if thats what you like. Power Pro makes red and I think Suffix makes a hi-viz orange.

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    That's a good idea actually. I could also just get a cheap reel for 50 bucks that is 7wr.

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    Yep, check out the lamson konic. The recently discontinued model of it can be found for around $100 brand new. My girlfriend just got the Konic 4 for $129 with free shipping. I THINK you would want the Konic 3 but double check to make sure that is the correct line weights before you order if you decide to. Personally, I like this discontinued version a lot better than the new one. They are the same reel, the new one is just 3 different colors which I personally dont like at all. The drag knob is dark grey like the older konic, the reel frame is black and the spool is silver like the lamson guru.

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    Allen Alpha II on clearance last I looked. Really like mine. $99 is a steal. And, in my experience, customer service can't be beat.

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    If you're looking for reel closer to $50 I have a couple of reels from The Angler's Roost. They are machined and I like the look for them. They've worked well for me and I have had a few fish on the drag. Depending on what you're fishing for on that 7wt it could be a good way to go.
    - William

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