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    Default Re: Reel for my new Sage One 4 wt

    Outrageous Fly Shop Claims:
    There's a well-known fly shop in Pennsylvania (they have shops in a few locations), and the manager of one loves Lamson reels. He was trashing Ross Reels one day, telling me that the springs on the Evolution's pawls are susceptible to jamming with just "one piece of sand." Well, there aren't any springs on the pawls of an Evolution reel, and I laughed at him and left. In defense of the owner, other staff members in his other stores are much more honest about products.

    I wind backing onto reels by hand. Seeing spool of backing the size of oil drums being used to put backing on little aluminum spools makes me nervous.

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    Default Re: Reel for my new Sage One 4 wt

    JMO but I would check out a Galvan Torque. I have 3 and couldn't be happier with them. I would also look at the Bauer and Abel reels. All three are made in the US if that makes any difference to you. I use the discontinued Abel BG Pt.5 on my five weight bamboo rods but the Abel reels might be a little heavy for the Sage One rod.

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