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  1. Default reel/line suggestions for 8Wt. 9' TFO BVK rod

    My wife and I are looking to invest in new saltwater rod/reel/line outfits. We live in Richmond, VA and have limited access to a decent shop, but found you online.

    We are both relatively new to salt, though I have a bit of experience with trout. We were given some huge cheap 12wt outfits by a well-meaning but ill-informed relative, and we have had fun with them nonetheless for the past couple of years. However, its time for us to step it up a notch and get a couple of decent outfits that suit us and that we can grow into as our skills improve.

    We know we want the 8Wt. 9' TFO BVK rods - no doubt. The reels and line are the question. I'd like to keep things as light/balanced as possible, and prefer a narrower reel, so I wonder if the BVK is the best choice? We were also looking at the Hardy Utralight DD and the Orvis Hydros VI. So the price point for the reel is around $300. Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.

    Finally, the line: We will be going out for snook in Florida in the spring - probably will do this only once a year, we fish for pretty much anything out of the Chesapeake when we can make the trip, and we hit Massachusetts in the summer/fall for stripers. So there's a range of water temps and fish we are looking for. We are considering getting an extra spool and second line - maybe a sink tip and a floater so we have an option. Ease of casting would help, as we are not quite throwing 100' of line out just yet.

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    Default Re: reel/line suggestions for 8Wt. 9' TFO BVK rod

    Welcome to the forum! You guys picked a winner of a rod (for me, anyways)... I will say that I've not heard the best things about the BVK reels, especially with regards to bigger game. It's mostly a question of their durability, no doubt they are extremely light.

    You'll find lots of folks who swear by Hardy, and I'd love to fish one someday, but I paired my BVK with a Ross CLA. Was more in line with my budget for this particular set-up's purposes, and Ross makes great products. I have five of their reels, and am happy with every one of 'em for their individual application.

    Quick question, are you targeting all of these species with this 8 wt? Just curious, I used much heavier gear the time I fished for Stripers in Massachusetts (the guide had us using 11 wts, which got pretty darn bent on some fish scaring 30 lbs). I had brought my 8wt Xi2, but he told me not to bother stringing it up. Will you be out in a boat most likely?

    Again, welcome to the forum, it's the only one I've ever participated in and I learn a lot every day from it

    Always wanted to throw that out
    "The finest gift you can give to any fisherman is to put a good fish back, and who knows if the fish that you caught isn't someone else's gift to you?" - Lee Wulff

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    Default Re: reel/line suggestions for 8Wt. 9' TFO BVK rod

    I'm relatively new to fly fishing but I have just that rod you mention (BVK #8).
    I think this is a great rod considering the price.

    I bought mine with a BVK reel and RIO bone fish line. I think the line matches really well with this rod.

    The BVK reel balances very well on the rod, but if you need some good stopping drag this reel is not for you. I have to over cranck the drag knob to get very minimal drag pressure.

    I also considered the Hardy Ultralight DD. They look very nice but not sure of the drag capabilities as I've not had one to play with.

    Good luck with your choice of line and reel.

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    Default Re: reel/line suggestions for 8Wt. 9' TFO BVK rod

    I have a TFO BVK paired with a Lamson Konic 4 . Lite , good drag system for SW . Use a SA mastery line to complete the outfit and I'm good for flounders through stripers and everything in between!
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  5. Default Re: reel/line suggestions for 8Wt. 9' TFO BVK rod

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

    We went out with a guide (from shore) for stripers with his 8wts and had a blast. That one night is what started our addiction... Its possible that we could be a bit undersized, but we didn't seem to have a problem, and after slogging the 12wts around I'd rather be on the lighter side.

    Anyone try the Hardy Ultralight DD?

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    Default Re: reel/line suggestions for 8Wt. 9' TFO BVK rod

    My wife fishes a BVK#8 for bonefish. It is a very good light weight and powerful rod for the will need to add a case for it as it is supplied sans tube. It, like other BVK models tends to load better with a 1/2 size heavy line. SA's Magnum and RIO's Tarpon are two to look at. I love the Hardy Ultralite DD for freshwater; it is unclear to me that it translates equally well into the salt. I agree with your preference for a narrow spooled reel, they are much more intuitive to regain line onto. Ross has been mentioned here already and many here like Galvin; I suggest you check out Nautilus. If the Massachusetts you are referring to is summer on the Cape and you are fishing shallow or the beach, an 8-weight is fine as it is in the Chesapeake or Long Island in the spring. In the fall we often fish more open water with bigger flies and #9 and 10's are more the norm. If your FL snook are in heavy cover a lot of folks fish a 9 but and 8 will do. You fight these fish more off the reel than you do trout so any reel you consider should have plenty of drag surface area. Saltwater fly fishing is great and opens up many enjoyable destinations for you and your wife to share. Welcome to the Forum.

  7. Default Re: reel/line suggestions for 8Wt. 9' TFO BVK rod

    Thanks. This is super helpful. I'll take a look at the Nautilus and Ross. And thanks for the line suggestions, too.

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    Default Re: reel/line suggestions for 8Wt. 9' TFO BVK rod

    i noticed you are looking at the Hardy DD. i have these reels on a trout reel but also in on an 8wt. and it does double duty as a bass reel and a redfisher and holds up great! very light and one of the nicest looking reels i own!

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    Default Re: reel/line suggestions for 8Wt. 9' TFO BVK rod

    The BVK reel was developed specifically for the BVK rod because the rod was so light that other reels did not balance well. Since then, the Ultralite DD was introduced to match Hardy's similarly lightweight Sintrix rods. The Hydros reels were likewise designed to match the lightweight Hydros and Helios rods, so I would say those three are your best choices.

    If I were in your shoes I would be inclined to go with the BVK reel because it was designed specifically for that rod. The size III is perfect for an 8 weight.

    If you wanted a 9 or 10 weight rod, the choice might be more difficult because the size III BVK reel might not hold enough backing, but the larger size IV is designed for a 12 weight line plus almost 300 yd of 30# backing. In that case the better choice might be the Ultralite or Hydros model designed specifically for the right line weight.

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    Default Re: reel/line suggestions for 8Wt. 9' TFO BVK rod

    If the Hardy DD posses the stoutness of drag seting for 8-weight use in the salt, it would be a 1st rate choice for this rod. And it is narrower than the TFO immitation of it.

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