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    Arrow Weight of a 6wt reel question

    I'm looking for a reel to put on a 9ft 6wt Scott S4. Is a 5oz Bauer Rogue or a 5.2oz Hatch Finatic too heavy for that rod? ( It weighs 3oz )

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    Default Re: Weight of a 6wt reel question

    I have an MHX 6wt that weighs almost identical.

    I have it paired up with a TFO BVK II reel that weighs in at 4.9oz and is pretty much perfect in terms of balance.

    I'd say the Bauer would be perfect and the Hatch would be pretty darn close as well.

    You also have to figure that the backing and fly line is going to add some weight to it, so a tenth of an oz here and there is almost moot
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    Default Re: Weight of a 6wt reel question

    People are way to obsessed with reel weight on single hand rods. Look, these things don't weigh much, the rods weigh very very little, it is nearly impossible to get a rod so out of balance you would ever notice it. Seriously. Put the dang reel on the wrong rod and try it out. Take your ten weight reel and put it on your 5 weight rod and see just where it balances. You have zero chance of having a serious problem by putting any half way matched up reel on a rod.

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