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    Default Re: Orvis CFO III no line guard?

    Chi, Here is a CFO IV (my favorite size) circa. 1982. The line guard is removed, as is a pawl with a broken leaf spring, clearly showing the "T" pillar with two screw holes to mount the nickle silver line guard on. This sample is easily restoreable and the next time (whenever that may be) that I have an opportunity to drive near Manchester, VT, I am going to bring it in for re-fitting. Until then it will languish in my parts bin but I have other CFO's and, except for small stream fishing, I have grown to prefer modern reels over these once dearly beloved classics.

    While I am on the subject, one more thing; I often here anglers refer to these as "click and pawl" reels. That is not quite right...they are "spring and pawl" reels that generate a "click" as a function of their "line over-run" check. They DO NOT have a "drag", they have a "check".

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