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Thread: Abel Reels

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    I am currently using an Abel TR1 on my 8' 4wt winston tmf and it's working out great for me. I find the TR1 has enough adj. (although it is internal) for the trout I fish for in NJ. I currently am awaiting delivery of an Abel super 5n to use on my 9' 6wt winston gvx. Prior to my TR1 I have been using a Hatch finatic 3 which I also have NO complaints about, but I don't think they make anything light enough for your setup. Good luck with whatever you choose!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post
    Read this first.

    Abel Reels - FlexABELity

    In theory, it's going to allow you to use the same frame with a greater variety of lines. If you purchase extra spools, this is obviously true. The problem is given the cost of spools, in some cases you might just be better off with another reel Avs, I think I warned you before when you got those nippers, but I'm going on record: Abel is a slippery slope. When you get one, there will be more. Just ask Chi, and grouch, and <insert other Abel owners here>.
    I went with the flex system for a Super 7 I used for steelhead before going spey. Just a heads up that switching spools is not something you would want to do sitting in your pontoon. You need to undo the nut holding the spool on and then not loose anything. But I do change them out on the tailgate of my truck. It is a nice system. I keep a floater on one and a sink on the other for lake or single-hand steelhead fishing.

    They are addictive! I have five and am planning on at least one more, and that is not even 1/5 of the number that a couple of buddies of mine have. I justify them as my retirement fund, in that I will not need to spend any money on reels once I am retired.

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    I think the TR series of reels is the way to go for rods 5 wt and below. I have TR1, 2, and 3. The TR3 isn't made anymore, but it is a great reel for 6 and 7 wt trout rods. My 3 and 4 weight rods use TR1s and the 5 weights get TR2s.

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