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    Default Need some moral advice

    For awhile now I have been searching for a mate for my T&T Vector 904-3. I started with the Ross Evo lt.. Then I switched to the Nautilus FWX.. Basically I have had a mental love affair with every damn reel from the Hardy Princess to the Martin Mohawk River.. To make a long story short I cant get the DD4000 out of my head. I know from reading numerous reviews that it seems to be a sound piece of gear. The looks are damn sexy, and the weight is right around where I want to be. To make matters worse I met a guy who owns a fly shop in Wyoming who offered to help me out and sell me the reel with ANY line of my choice for $200. I am getting married in October, so saying that our finances are tied up is an understatement. I have come so close to pulling the trigger on so many occasions that I cannot even count. (I am one of those impulsive fly fishermen.. Go figure )

    The only concern that I keep coming back to is the whole made in Korea thing. Don't get me wrong, I am completely confident in their ability as machinists. Hell I drive a Toyota. Funny thing is that I am actually talking myself closer to making the purchase as I am typing this.

    Where do we draw the line? I would love to support our economy. I would love to feel like I am supporting that "River runs through it" American past-time. The problem is that I can not seem to make any deal seem sweeter than the one I am currently reviewing. I love the Galvan Torque.. Not $330 love.
    Same with Abel and many of the other FINE US manufacturers.

    I am extremely curious to hear what you guys think about this kind of stuff.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

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    Default Re: Need some moral advice

    I bought a Hardy Uniqua 10/11 size last December for 150 dollars new. It is the first Asian reel I've owned but I'm thinking I'll get used to it. If the deal is good and you really want the reel I would buy it. The fish will have no idea of what reel you are using.


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    Default Re: Need some moral advice

    Get the damn thing now.
    Worry about a U.S. made reel later. If you still want one. It's a global economy, and it's only gonna more so. Even though it's made in Korea, it keeps people employed here, like the other products made overseas do.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    Default Re: Need some moral advice

    Is delaying the marriage an option?

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    Default Re: Need some moral advice

    Do you remember the Flintstones? Remember what Bam Bam used to do to folks..
    She is 5' tall, 116lbs. and she will Bam Bam me without a second thought! So no I cant delay the marriage. Plus she is my fishin' buddy

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    Default Re: Need some moral advice

    If it's a reel that you want and the guy is willing to make you a deal, you should take advantage of it now before your finances really get pinched Tell her you got a good deal on the Hardy and are going to use the savings to put in a pink Abel fund for her

    A good product is a good product, no matter where it's made. Especially one made by a solid company that will be around for years to come that you know will take care of your service needs.

    Besides, your T&T is US made, no?
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    Default Re: Need some moral advice

    I really like my Korean Hardy's. Like Mojo said, "It's a global economy". I support that.


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    Default Re: Need some moral advice

    Might as well get used to it. In another couple of years you will probably be lucky to find a sandwich made in the US.

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    Default Re: Need some moral advice

    I'm going to be a dissenting opinion. If it was me I wouldn't buy it.

    Sounds as if you have several reels already for it. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with these reels, right?

    You must of thought those other reels were worth putting on there now you've found another one that you like better? How long before you'll find something else that you might want? Is this new reel going to catch any more fish?

    I'd save the money for something more important, 1st lesson in marriage, Happy Wife, Happy Life!

    Concentrate on the fishing itself, don't worry about the gear. Its just a tool after all.

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    Default Re: Need some moral advice

    I repeat myself below from the "Orvis" thread under Rods in which I address the import concept. The Hardy Ultralite DD's are very fine reels as is your FWX. Buy the DD and give the FWX to your "fishing partner".

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    All of us Americans were imported from someplace at one point too. The Genie is out of the Bottle and industry is International. It is the creative process and quality of materials and execution that is of principal merit now. However, it is natural and appropriate that we favor tackle made by fly fishermen for fly fishermen. It is also a good thing that non environmentally destructive practices where employed in the manufacturing process and, if the creative products' site of production is farmed out to another country, that it is one aligned with our values of human rights and fair treatment and respect for employees. Clearly, the reason most of us express concern over fly rods and reels being fabricated in China is that it is the leading Nation in a variety of areas: most arrogantly environmentally destructive, least respect for its competitors' creative property, passionate suppressor of its own citizens human rights and, despite huge economic linkage with the US, our adversary in nearly all international venues.

    One more thing. I have an acquittance that owns an up and coming fly rod business. His #6 -12 rod are built by a small shop in Korea and are very good, I am fishing his #7 as my light bonefish stick, an area of my angling that I am particularly critical about. His trout rods are made in China and actually look pretty nice but, despite his working closely with his supplier and having visited there repeatedly, I can't fish these rods for free. I feel my fly fishing time is way to valuable to use substandard equipment no matter how good a price it may be available for. Often in our forum we have a young member who can not afford an Orvis (or whichever US rod we are writing about) and it pains me that this budding fly fisher is compelled by circumstances to shop for low quality tackle from an adversarial source nation. I wish Orvis and other elite fly rod makers could offer the novice a bare bones but serviceable rod at a modest cost without resorting to Chinese sourcing. Wading boots I have given up on but rods and reels are more fundamental.

    Viva SA, RIO and Cortland! If some new fly line brand made off-shore (other than Airflo) showes up at a great price...shun it!

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