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    Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    trout trekker;

    If you would pull apart your Bauer you will quickly find the schematic you show is abreviated, ie incomplete. I have a MZ4 and called Bauer for parts which they would not sell but did the "if you send to us with $$ and wait 2-10 weeks.......". Been there done that.

    Simply look at your handle these are at least 3+ parts not on you referenced schematic. Abreviated.

    Lamson is the same, Ross is the same, ............

    To show what is available on just about all other types of fishing reels:

    Service |
    Reel Schematics
    Daiwa | Parts Diagram Search
    Abu Garcia
    Quantum Performance Tuned Fishing Tackle | Customer Service | Parts/Service

    Just a few of the common fishing reel companies with reels far more complex than the any single action fly reel, which give on-line DETAILED schematics and most will sell you parts with a smile. Just "surf" Shimano's site for how confident they are in YOU and their products.

    Some else better than me uses a quote on his posts by Lefty Kreh along these lines "theres more BS in fly fishing than a Kansas City stockyard".

    This how I describe some/most fly reel makers attitude toward customer service on simple mechanical devices they no longer own.

    Like I said I still look forward to the day that Shimano focuses on these products.

    Pete A.

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    Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    I totally agree that all reels can/should be able to be serviced by their owners and sare parts purchased freely.

    Shimano made a very nice fly reel, not sure if they still do but they are a very nice piece of kit and fairly priced.

    SHIMANO Biocraft XT - Overview | Fly Fishing Reels | Shimano Fishing NZ

    Good luck with your Lamson.

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    Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    I wish those were imported here. Darn fine schematic if you click a bit on that site they are avaiable. This is the service ALL the fly reel makers should provide.

    Pete A.

  6. Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    This is a really interesting discussion and I guess that fact that I didn't notice the lack of full schematic info demonstrates how reel makers got away with not providing them.

    I can't really understand why they wouldn't. They must have them already from their pre-production designs. Perhaps people just need to be more vocal about it and they will start posting the schematics.

    Oh and to answer one previous posts question, I got one of the earlier gen waterworks ULA Force 2.

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