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  1. Default Remove Oil from Lamson?

    Hello, I recently purchased a used Lamson reel from someone and it appears that some sort of lubricant was applied to the drag system. I read that lubricants can damage the drag system on Lamson reels. I wiped off all that I could but is there a better way to remove all the oil? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    I'd try wiping it also with Methylated Spirits,you'll find it should work & it's usually pretty friendly to all materials.

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    Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    If you have some downtime that you won't be fishing, send your reel to Lamson. Your reel will properly serviced for a small fee.

    Here's where to start.


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  5. Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    Quote Originally Posted by Liphookedau View Post
    I'd try wiping it also with Methylated Spirits,you'll find it should work & it's usually pretty friendly to all materials.
    Thanks! That looks like a good idea. I just want to confirm that the spirit will not be detrimental to the materials since the material they use seems to be strange.

    Quote Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
    If you have some downtime that you won't be fishing, send your reel to Lamson. Your reel will properly serviced for a small fee.

    Here's where to start.

    Thank you for the advice. I will call them and see what they say.

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    Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    good advice from a seasoned veteran


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    Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    "Your reel will properly serviced for a small fee." Sorry I'm not a big fan of paying $8-15 shipping and $25-50 labor and a 4-12 week wait for simple maintenance.

    This is the BS part of flyfishing equipment makers. Why can't they simply do what casting, spinning, conventional tackle makers do?

    Simply provide detail schematics, parts lists and take down instructions? Heck the better spinning & casting reel makes even have tutorials on-line for this. Go to Shimano's site and take a look! Shimano will also do the "Your reel will properly serviced for a small fee." but they fully understand many people can do FINE job at home. I have sent them several emails and met their people at fishing shows begging them to make fly reels. If they do I'll be first in line for their products.

    Fly reels are darn simple compared to say the ubiquitious Shimano Curado or ABU 5000 series. Thousands & Thousands of fisherman service these reels all by themselves every single day. In fact these companies even stand by their warranty even if you service it a home. God forbid you try this with Ross, Lamson, Bauer,................................

    I guess the Fly Reel makers feel me, you, him, next guy................. are idiots. Or possibly it is their own neurosis that causes this.

    Rant completed, I feel much better now.

    Pete A.

    PS.: Dreaming of a Shimano Curado #3 fly reel

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    Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    I like a good rant as much as the next guy. You had me on board, right up until the Bauer comment.

    Bauer Fly Reels

    There are companies that will still ship parts. A good case in point, Abel actually helped me get a $600.00+ reel from a defunct company back up and running with parts to one of their Super series reels.
    See: Abel Automatics, Inc. :: Reel Accessories :: Spare parts - Super Series & Big Game Series

    Some reels do come with simple schematics and some companies will ship parts. Although as we see more “ factory sealed drags “ come on line, I’m betting you’ll likely see fewer and fewer DIY service manuals available.
    Based on some of the beat to pieces returns I’ve seen over the years, it’s not surprising that some companies don’t want customers to pry open the pantry, to get at the goodies.

    As far as the used Lamson and oil, it depends on the model. An old LP with a gummed up clutch ( pretty common to the earlier models ) can sometimes be treated at home by soaking the clutch in degreaser solvent for about 10 minutes, then spun up a few times and re-soaked if necessary, until the mechanism spins and catches smoothly, then wiped clean and re-installed.

    If the clutch doesn’t respond to that, it probably needs replacing and if memory serves, Waterworks / Lamson don’t have those clutches anymore. I believe Bill Archuleta might be the source for LP clutches now.

    If DIY reel maintenance is important to us, maybe we should include that in our shopping spec's before we purchase.


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  11. Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    Thanks for the info Pete and TT. I definitely would prefer to maintain my reels and equipment on my own. I just wanted to call Lamson to see what chemicals are ok to use to degrease the innards. The reel is actually working very well. I am just worried that down the line there may be issues from the residual oil damaging the drag materials.

    The Lamson reels seem pretty straightforward and they give tips on maintaining it. I just can't find any info on what to do when grease has already been added. Also since their drag material is supposedly proprietary, I cannot check to see what the properties are. I think they should definitely have a bit about that on their site.

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    Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    I can imagine how many times over the years we all would have returned our Reels to The Makers for Service,especially after a Good Dunking.
    The only way I'd send a Reel back was if it was under Warranty,anyone can Strip,Clean & Re-assemble them as good as The Makers,the main thing is to take Time & don't loose or damage any Parts.
    Over Many Years I don't know how many Reels I've Stripped,Cleaned,Re-assembled,I've also fitted new parts,for myself & many other people which I've either bought or Made.
    Many times I've Re-Designed or altered The Shape,etc,Taken out Pawls & Fitted Discs,Springs to make Brakes etc,etc.

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    Default Re: Remove Oil from Lamson?

    Can't help you with any certainty on the Lamson, but they should be able to help if you call them. I didn't see if you stated which model Lamson reel this is. Like they say in medicine, Do No Harm. Just give them a call on Monday.

    I sent a Galvan reel back for service last year. They replaced the bearing, spindle, drag components, and even the spool release button. The charge for all of this and shipping it back 3 days after receiving it was.... ZERO That reel requires some serious equipment to dissamble that far, and then there are parts to replace, etc. I called the folks at Galvan, and thanked them for several minutes.

    My Ross reels would require equipment that I don't own to dissamble the drag system, and that's sort of the price you pay for that type of mechanism. I don't believe Ross charges anything to service a reel, and their turnaround time is supposed to be very quick. I've never used them. Lamson's system looks easy enough to take apart, and a soaking on warm water with Dawn dish soap should remove most of the remaing grease. Rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry before putting it all back together.

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