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Thread: Cheeky Reels

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    Arrow Cheeky Reels

    Has anyone ever used or handled a Cheeky Reel?

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    Ask the carpman John Montana he just won one.
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    I have never even seen one in person but the reviews I have read sound good. Kind of gaudy colored if you like that sort of thing.

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    Troutchaser, As I had mentioned Cheeky in an earlier post to you I will follow up. I do not own one (I would like to though), but my group had an early sample "loaner" on a trip to Abaco in 2011. Fished primarily by my good buddy, he landed many bonefish including one of perhaps 9 pounds with this reel. We were all impressed by its performance and design. It does not reinvent the wheel but it took a good look at the reel market and went very large arbor, V recessed the inner spool circumference for added capacity, carved as much aluminum out of the assembly while still preserving rigidity and devised their version of a stacked, multi-surface, sealed drag. They also gave their four models "Cheeky" colors but, for the conservatives among us, will introduce a clear anodized version at some point if consumers demand it. I recently saw the principles of this start-up (from Boston) at Somerset and they are cool young guys striving to become a quality name in the reel business...not and easy thing to do. I am going to get one.

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    I borrowed one last year for a spey casting lesson. It seemed very solid and durable. I don't think I would want to buy one with such garish colors, though. Maybe I'd think differently if I lived in Miami.

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    They now offer the Mojo in all silver, not sure about the other models yet. I was ready to pull the trigger on a Mojo but just couldn't bring myself to do it do to the lack of reviews (I don't care about how great the reel looks or feels, I want a review from someone that beat the **** out of it for a season) and the company bein so young. I don't mind dropping good money on reels but I can't afford it when it is a possible risk.

    With that said, for $380 you probably can't find a better reel. Scott, Ted and Peter are all good guys and know their stuff.

    I will probably grab one before fall, I don't think I will be able to resist the urge.

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    Mojo placed highly in the Trident 8-Weight Reel Challange. Its drag may not have tested as strong as the over the top Hardy Fortuna #1 reel but is plenty strong for bonefish or albies and beyond. I am thinking about a new rod that is "bright" in color and maybe "Cheeky" colored Mojo might balance it well. A red rod with this reel would not get lost on any rod rack.

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    If I could suggest a reel take a look at sealevelflyfish, there reels are made on the same line as Hardys and don't have the names high price tag.


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    The Tempest, originally developed by Albright and now marketed by the nice gentleman at Sea Level is a solid, smooth and stout dragged reel. Very well machined by a good shop in Korea this is not one of these new skeletonized designs, it is robust and can take the abuse of being tossed about in a boat. The cork disc responsible for its above normal drag range and strength is permanently sandwiched so it is a two sided assembly for doubled surface sweep area. A great idea developed originally by Ari't Hart. The draw back in this design , however, is how do you maintain the cork's natural elasticity? Dried out cork gazes in a drag so at least an annual application of neatsfoot oil is required. In a true draw-bar design like Abel, Islander, et al, one simply disassembles and rubs a few drops of this oil into the cork surface. You just cant fully disassemble Tempest to get to the cork though. I have a few of these reels from trout to saltwater sizes and have lost a memorable fish to dry cork lock-up. Grrr. Trying to remove the bolt beneath the drag knob felt like I was going to destroy the aluminum frame of this reel. I resorted to squirting excess neatsfoot oil into the micro-gap around the cork while the drag was set to free-spool zero. I managed to get enough in there to revitalize the cork and cleaned up the excess dripping everywhere, applied a drop of light oil to the spindle and was good to go...the reel was good as new. Unfortunately, once a reel has failed me it is unlikely to regain its original luster and my set of Tempests languish in a reel drawer to this day. Not that I would give them a negative rating, I think they are better than many in their modest price range as long as you maintain them properly.

    My Tempest 1 with a Hendrickson mounted on an EXS; one of the early, high performance, Korean-built outfits designed by Americans.

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