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    Default Re: New reel me decide!

    One note of advice about plastic spooled/framed reels: don't leave them in a vehicle on a hot day. The tension the line is exerting on the spool can cause deformation when the heat softens the plastic.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: New reel me decide!

    Good point Cliff.
    Years ago(89-90?) when S.T.H. first came out with their "POP cassette reels" I had that happen, forgot about it because of the myriad of other issues with the reel that I had.
    Have not had another S.T.H. reel since, so I cannot honestly say if their product has any gotten better or not.

    Sorry didn't mean to deviate from the original subject.

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    Not familiar with that reel, but I had several of the old Rocky Mountain, by Orvis that were the cartridges. My brother in-law has them all now and had no problems with them. Some cartridges are a nylon composit and I can't see that melting or warping. But I have no knowledge of this to back it up.

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    Default Re: New reel me decide!

    Another option for you may be to look for used reels that have been well taken care of, ask around at the local flyshops and keep an eye in the paper.

    In our neck of the woods, people are constantly changing or upgrading equipment.
    Just something to think about....

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    I have the 101 A.R.E reel that is sold for about $45-50 on e-bay. I think you should very seriously look at that option. It’s definitely the top price/performance purchase I have made in fishing gear. The 101 is for 3/4wt so the 102 for 5/6wt would better suit your needs.

    One thing to consider regarding using the same reel for both rods and switching spools… I have never had a serious fish-trip ending experience with spools but I have had broken or faulty reels end my fishing trips. I would recommend you always have a spare reel.

    In your shoes I would do the following: Find the guy selling the 102 on e-bay and ask him for a price for two 102 and an extra spool. I’m guessing you won’t be too far off the $100 budget. That way you have two good reels and all the spools you need plus they function as backup for each other.

    A friend of mine has the Scierra. I would not be worried about the plastic spools. They are very resilient and strong. He told me he found switching spools a bit tricky and you have to take care that the spool is firmly in place before use. Other than that he is very happy with this reel.

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    Hold off a little longer, George will buy it for you soon, he's just got to get the check in the mail.

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    Yeah...I was reading some about that just 5 minutes ago. That would be nice! I read the checks will most likely be mailed out in the summer. Too late for the reel purchase, but I am sure I might be able to find some other fly fishing equipment that I "just have to have"!

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    Well, I took the plunge and purchased some reels online without having seen or played with them before. I bought an Albright Bugati for my 5 wt. with an extra spool, and an Albright Topwater for my little creek stick. I read the return policy and it seemed fair enough, so if the craftsmanship isn't up to par I can always send them back. From everything I have heard about Albright Tackle Co. I think I will be happy with them. I will keep you all posted.

    BTW Albright has some really steep discounts on their online store right now. That played a major part in my purchasing decision. Just in case anyone needs some new gear for cheap.


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    I am new here, but I posted a deal I found (under fly reels) for a Lamson Radius reel starting at $79.95. This is a fully machined quality reel with a nice drag system for just a bit more than the reels you mentioned. Might want to check out Madison River Fishing Company fot this closeout!

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