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  1. Default New reel me decide!

    Hi everyone.

    I recently decided to buy a couple new rods. First, an Albright A-5 5wt. 9ft. for my all arounder and second a cheap little WW Griggs 3 wt. 6' 6" for little creeks I like to go to. (SE Idaho....South Fork, Henry's Fork, Teton, Bear Creek, Rainey Creek, etc.)

    Naturally I need new reels to go with my new rods. Ideally I would like to be able to buy one reel and just change spools depending on where I was going and what rod I was taking. Is that wishful thinking? Do I need a small reel to balance such a small creek rod?

    The reels I am thinking about are: 1.)Ross Flystart, 2.)Scierra IC3 system, 3.)A 50 dollar reel that I read a review on here on this forum made by some guy that sells them on E-Bay. If you haven't read the review....sorry. If you did you know what reel I mean!

    You can see a theme here....I don't have a lot of money and am looking at budget reels.

    Any input/advice/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!


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    Default Re: New reel me decide!

    How much money can you afford to spend?

  3. Default Re: New reel me decide!

    That is a quick little 3 wt. I know cause I have one. Are you thinking of ONE line also or one reel with an extra spool?
    That would be ideal (the extra spool)
    I don't see a problem with a small reel for your 5 wt. like a Ross or what ever.
    You will be adding a lot more backing for the 3wt however so maybe look at a Large Arbor or a Mid.
    Example: I have the Large Arbor II by Orvis that I can put maybe 50yrds of backing for a 5wt, and 100 yrds for a 3 weight.
    Also, like I started, that Griggs is a FAST stick, try a 5wt on it for kicks.

  4. Default Re: New reel me decide!

    Thanks Joni. I already bought a 4 wt for it, the guy I bought it from said he had the same rod and it loaded well with the 4 wt. Hope he's right!

    I would buy as many extra spools as I needed. So for example, if I got the Ross Flystart I would have 2 spools for my 5 wt. and 1 spool for my 3 wt. and just change the reel back and forth.

    The Scierra is a plastic cartridge type system that comes with 1 reel, 4 cartridges and a case, I thought that was pretty cool for 90 bucks or so, but just don't know if it is trash or what.

    I am hoping to keep it all around a hundred bucks. I know that isn't much and I am limiting myself greatly, but there do seem to be some choices in this price range.

  5. Default Re: New reel me decide!

    There is nothing wrong with that plastic reel with the cartridges. My Brother in law has one with AN "O" ring for a drag.
    For trout a good drag is not that important, but you want enough resistance that it doesn't back lash.
    Go for it, then when you get really hooked up grade.
    I was going to suggest a 4wt for can never have too many 4wts LOL

  6. Default Re: New reel me decide!

    I think that Scierra is die cast aluminum, but the "spool" part that you replace when you change lines is a plastic cartridge. At least looks like a cool system. Then again, I get the feeling that even though the Flystart is a cheap reel, Ross isn't going to put their name on total ****.

  7. Default Re: New reel me decide!

    You are probably right. I have never own a Ross. No reason, just haven't.

  8. Default Re: New reel me decide!

    Nothing wrong with starting with an inexpensive reel. For many, many years I considered them as line holders, drag was unimportant, never put many fish "on the reel". With the advancement in light leader material, I now use a lot more light leader and the reels with better drags became important.

    Don't skimp on fly line however. The line you buy has a direct connection with the casting ability of your new rods.

    Just my .02

    fish or DIE

  9. Default Re: New reel me decide!

    How do you like the Albright? I was thinking of buying one, but ended up with an Echo 2 on Ebay @ a great price. I still may get an A-5 one day.

    What about the Lamson Konic? My wife just got one and it is very nice, with a great drag.

    Joni - you have a CFO disc, right? How do you like it? I'm thinking of a CFO disc or a Batt Bar Stock for my 4-weight.

  10. Default Re: New reel me decide!

    I do. I have the newer DISC. The Bronze one. It is very nice looking and a great made reel. Light as heck.
    I was lucky enough however to score some of the English Spring/Pawl. Not a reel for a beginner howevr. The drag is really non exhisting in a S/P.

    I had a package deal for one of the members here on a Teastick 7' 4wt. two tip boo and the CFO but, guess it wasn't what he was looking for. Great combination.

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