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Thread: Lamson 3 USA

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    Default Lamson 3 USA

    I bought this reel new sometime ago. The thing is I don't remember when(getting old). I'm thinking around the 90's. Any info on this reel would be appreciated. I been using it for steelhead on my 9wt Clearwater Orvis. thanks

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    The old Lamson LP's. I love them. Have a couple 2's and a 4 that is use on my 7wt spey.

    At some point there was a production batch that ended up having clutch issues, limited only to this batch as far as I know.
    Archuletta's Reel Repair probably knows more about this reel since they bought a large amount of Lamson's spare parts many years later when they discontinued this line of reels. If the clutch were to go out on this reel at some point, he charges around $40.00 to r/r the clutch and clean and service the reel.
    Archuleta’s Reel Works | Fly Fishing Reel Repair

    Would you be interested in selling this one?

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    Default Re: Lamson 3 USA

    John, thank for the info. It's my only steelhead reel I own. This thing is a little heavy but solid. I have four reels that I bought brand new when they came out.The Hardy Perfect, CFO III, Lampson 3, and last the Galvan Standard. Still have all, think I'll keep them for a while.

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    Well, can't blame a fella for trying! In the meantime I'll just keep watching ebay for a nice clean 3 0r 3.5.....maybe both.

    Give Bill a call, I'm sure he'll get you any info your in search of.

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