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    Question Bauer MacKenzie CFX vs Galvan Torque

    looking to put it on my new 6wt Winston! Which do you think performs better and is more durable? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Bauer MacKenzie CFX vs Galvan Torque

    I've never tried the Galven, but I have the Bauer. (CFX5) It's drag is as smooth as a babies butt. Has the feel of real quality and it even looks good. Love mine. Wish I could compare for you, but out of your choices that's the only one I know about.

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    Default Re: Bauer MacKenzie CFX vs Galvan Torque

    I can't comment on either in particular , I have Bauer Mckenzie MSL 2.0 on my Orvis Hydros 6wt and I love it.

    I've owned Lamson, Sage, Ross, Nautilus, and they are all great but from a fit and finish standpoint the Bauer is far superior IMO.

    Plus I am a native Oregonian so the local guys have a leg up for me
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    Default Re: Bauer MacKenzie CFX vs Galvan Torque

    I own a T-6 that's paired on my 7wt for GL steelhead and I love it. Very smooth drag that has virtually no maintenance required. I'm not familiar first hand with Bauer reels but from what I know I think either option you are considering will make an excellent choice. I'd think it comes down to which look do you like best and how much do you want to spend. Galvan's CS is excellent and I've heard good things about Bauer's. Let us know what you end up with and feel free to post some photos in the Reel Love thread.
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    Default Re: Bauer MacKenzie CFX vs Galvan Torque

    Have owned both... I like the Galvan better.

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    Smile Re: Bauer MacKenzie CFX vs Galvan Torque

    Agreed i have 11 reels ,one is the galvan t5,excellent reel.

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    Default Re: Bauer MacKenzie CFX vs Galvan Torque

    I have no experience with the Bauers. I have several Galvan Torques (T3 - T6). Awesome reels with awesome drags. I have caught fish I have no business catching (ie a 23" rainbow on a 4wt) and the Torque was flawless

  9. Default Bauer MacKenzie CFX vs Galvan Torque

    I love my CFX in my 6wt, but I also have a Torque for my 4wt. All things being equal, I just love my Galvan a touch more.

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    Default Bauer MacKenzie CFX vs Galvan Torque

    I love my Galvan Torque T-6 I am just bummed it does not fit my reel seat on my new 6wt bamboo rod. The reel is more of a 7wt than 6wt. Great drag on the Torque

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    Default Re: Bauer MacKenzie CFX vs Galvan Torque

    I have a Winston B2x 6wt 9' which thinks it needs a newer, higher priced reel.
    I have used a Konic 2 on it and it works great. I have seen the Ross CLA 2 and it would work fine. However, I have been taken by the Galvan T5 or Bauer MC CFX 3. I like the modern look of the Galvan and yet the "retro" look of the Bauer appeals to me. I notice the Bauer has ball bearings while the Galvan does not and that may be an advantage for the Galvan.
    Fundamentally, I am trying to make up my mind and get the best reel. I would appreciate any input.
    I will be doing fresh water fishing in Texas, Colorado, and Montana.

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