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Thread: 4 wt reel

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    I'd go with a 6 wt. for small mouths.

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    It's an 8 foot rod

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    What's your thoughts on the echo ion

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    I agree with the moucheur2003, a four wt is pretty limited to the right conditions. I'd think a short 6 wt is a good all round rod for smallmouth.

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    Redington Drift. Machined, not cast, they are light weight and around 100 bucks.

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    I use a 6wt and 7wt depending on the water, fly choice etc...4wt maybe small stream smallies.

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    Yea most of the fish are small stream fish some lake run fish in spring

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    I would normally recommend at least a five weight. A five is versatile and can still handle some big smallies, a 6 is ideal though (especially if you'er only planning on targeting smallies).

    I would take it back and take to him about a five or six weight.

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    Depends.... I fish a 4wt most of the year, and catch quite a few decent stream smallmouth with it. This time of the year, the bruisers are pretty hungry, so I've been using my 5wt Z-Axis (plenty of fight in the mid down to the butt). After June, most of my smallmouth are in the under 16 inch range, and a 4wt handles that easily. I also use smaller flies than most for smallmouth, but a heavier rod would be better if you want to use big flies.

    5wt Z-Axis Smallmouth (casting a 6wt line due to wind):

    4wt Sage ZXL Smallmouth:

    4wt Sage ZXL Channel Cat(s):

    The channel cats and smaller smallmouth were all caught in a fairly swift stream, and the rod was a Sage ZXL 4wt (not a stiff rod at all). No problems with a decent drag and net. The grey reel seen in the channel cat pic is an Okuma SLV. An absolute bargain with a great cork drag. I use the 5/6wt size even for 4wts, and they've performed flawlessly for years. We have more expensive reels, but the Okuma gets the job done for around $60.

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    if your gonna go with a 4 weight for smallmouth the okuma slv is a decent reel for about 60 bucks.
    for 99.00 you can get allens new fully machined ats reel. a lighter reel with a better drag.
    and imo allens warranty and customer service are much better than okuma.
    hope this helps.



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    My first reel I ever bought was a low end okuma. Heavy as sin, but built like a tank. Never have had any problems with it. It was only like $40 bucks or something. I also have a hardy ultralight that cost me about $200 and came with rio line! Amazing reel for the price. I am going to purchase one these reels in the picture. They are a new company I think. What do you guys think? I can't find any prices on one though.

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