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    Good Evening All,
    After this year I will be upgrading. I am thinking of putting a Lamson Force SL on for the reel. Most of my fishing will be on small rivers for smallmouth and the occasional trout trip. I would like to know from those who have used this reel how it has held up to normal to rough use?
    Thank you for your time and knowledge.

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    Default Re: Lamson ula force sl

    Back in the day, I used first generation ULA reels for my 3 (Purist model), 4, 5, and 7/8 rods. The drag systems are very smooth with a decent range of adjustment.

    However you need be careful if you are rough on your equipment. The reels are made so light, that there is a chance that the rim of the spool could be bent. When I used to handle warranty work at the shop that used to work at, people would bring in their reels for me either to straighten the spools or send them out. Usual excuses were the reels getting dropped on rocks, dropped on a tile floor, or bounced around in a drift or jet boat.

    I currently own a ULA 3x SL and a first generation Litespeed. They perform quite well. But I try to be careful with them.


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    Default Re: Lamson ula force sl

    as mp said, great reels!
    i've never had a durability problem, but, as of now, i have
    never dropped a reel.
    i love my ula



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    No problem with mine , just bought a speedster haven't had a chance to use it but looking forward to weather break to give a run thru.

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    Thanks Y-all I appreciate the insight.
    I try to take care of my equipment but it definitely does not lead a sheltered life.

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