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Thread: Solitude Reels?

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    Default Solitude Reels?

    Ive been pondering my next reel purchase. I want to find a reel that will balance well with a Sage Launch 8wt that is not the lightest rod around. I had a Nautilus FW7 on it originally but it was so light that the rod seemed very tip heavy. Ive decided on a Solitude. There is so little written about them on the net. One comment I found was that they had an offset reel foot. Theres nothing mentioning this in their brochure or web site. I'd love to here comments from folks who use them, thanks...

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    I have a couple of the Michigan made Solitude reels. They are nice enough reels. Only problem I have is they came with lifetime warranties. Several years back the original founder sold the company. The first thing out of the box the new owners did was to say they would NOT honor the warranty on any existing reels. They had a fairly loyal following amongst midwest steelheaders, but to be honest, I think the change in warranty policy turned alot of folks off to buying another.

    Before you buy one, I'd suggest you make sure you check the specs on the reel, the reels weigh between 6 - 8 oz depending on the model, but it sounds like that's what you might want.

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    Yeah, Ive thought that part out, especially coming from using Nautilus FW's. Edco offers a lifetime warranty on their own reels. So that issue wont matter that much. The weight and its reported durability is what I'm looking for as I crawl through alot of mangrove and pepper jungle to get to salt ponds full of baby tarpon and snook.

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    Default Re: Solitude Reels?

    I just received this reel from Jonathan Knapp at Solitude. It is beautifully machined. Stout as a mule. 6.3 ounces in size 2. Disc drag with the finest adjustment I have ever felt. No clicker mechanism. I haven't fished it yet and certainly won't be using it in the environment you have described. I just don't see how you could break it. I hope to have a more comprehensive review in the next few days.


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    SOLID reels! Smoothest drag on the market! Reasonably priced as well. Go with it man they are worth it!

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    I used to go into the shop and BS with Craig when he owned it. That was one of the first reels that I recall being able to slap the spool to suck up line and 'git r on da reel'.
    I remember also thinking how cool it was that he could machine that bar stock with radii that made it look cast or stamped.
    As an old Michigan steelheader it was sad to hear Harris go but neat to see they were picked up and are still being made.

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