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  1. Default G. Loomis Current Fly Reel

    Anyone have any experience with the G. Loomis Current fly reel? I'm just looking at it on Cabela's right now. It looks like it has a very interesting design that's pretty slick looking, imo. Just curious if anyone has ever fished one before? I'm thinking of picking one up in 7/8 or maybe in 3/4, trying to decide my better option. Maybe for this price range there's better reels on the market surely, but I thought I'd get opinions on this Loomis reel. Thanks!

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    I have looked at the current, but did not buy it. I bought the venture 5 for a 5wt rod. I have had no problems with it and for the price would buy another when needed. In the 5wt model both hold the same amount of backing. The drag is pretty smooth on mine. I can only imagine that the current would be just as good or better.

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    I also just purchased a Venture 5 series reel. Works great and has a very smooth drag. It features a silent retrieve but is a little noisy when strippping line. I placed a call to their customer service dept to see what could be done about the noise and the nice lady walked me through the procedure to remove the stripping clicker. I now have an excellent reel with absolutely no sound when I strip line.

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