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    Default Re: 9-12 wt what your pick and why

    My Ross Canyons have been used by lots of people for 10 years or more.
    Never a problem and boy are the exteriors beat up. Ross has a great program where you ship them back once a year for shop cleaning, inspection, and repair.
    All free!

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    Default Re: 9-12 wt what your pick and why

    We have a big black Ross Canyon too and I dig its solidity. Though my wife has only expperienced good things with it, I do not trust its circular plastic pawl retainer though, which I know others have experienced failures with. To the Hatch, Abel and other excelent reels mentioned may I add a relative new-comer, Hardy's Fortuna X. I have been fishning it for two years now and it deserves top billing.

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    Default Re: 9-12 wt what your pick and why

    Circular prawl plastic retainer....I'm not exactly sure which part you are referring to. I have heard a few rumors about the canyon..but have never talked to anyone who personally had a problem. My experience has been positive...and I have a tendency to be tough on my fishing equipment.

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