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    Default Abel Beaver Meadow reel...thoughts

    Was wondering if anyone has one or has heard anything about this line of Abel reels made for JP Ross fly rods. They're going for $200 right now...

    Beaver Meadow Reel by Abel (classic design) | JP Ross; Small Stream Fly Fishing

    Evidently you can't get these Abel reels from anyone else.

    Thanks for your time!
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    Default Re: Abel Beaver Meadow reel...thoughts

    very interesting cardo
    never even heard of these before
    love the colors though



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    Default Re: Abel Beaver Meadow reel...thoughts

    The reel is a click and pawl style that is a special make up model for JP Ross. I do not know the dimensions of the reel.

    This is not the first time that Abel has made special make up models for a retailer.


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    Default Re: Abel Beaver Meadow reel...thoughts

    They look to be a non ported TR 0. If that's the case then they are definitely worth the 2 bills. I love my TR.

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